Monday, March 17, 2014

Michael Todd True Organics Review

So after a few months of weird weather and my skin reacting to it, I finally said ENOUGH! I have been going more natural and organic lately with my skincare and I had seen so many review of the Michael Todd line that I finally jumped on the site and decided to buy. What I came across was awesome because they had a new line of kits called "Discovery Kits". Perfect for someone who wants to try out the products without buying full size.
After looking through the options I decided I was the "normal/combination" skin type.

The kit comes with 5 different products:
  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Scrub
  • Mask 
First step is the cleanse and tone cleanser.

This is the Cleanse and Tone One step Cleanser/Toner. It cleanses, tones and removes your makeup all in one. It has highly absorbent Charcoal that penetrates deep into the pores and gently removes dirt and oil without drying. It also has antioxidant vitamins, organic teas and essential oils to help fight environmental stressors.  This cleanser feels amazing on the skin. It doesn't leave a tight feeling just purely cleansed feeling. Smells great too.

Second step is the toner

This Organic Lemon AHA+DMAE toner smells so good because it has the aroma of fresh lemons. It's blended with DMAE and Alpha Hydroxy acid to firm, lift, and tighten the skin while easing away the appearance of fine lines, blotches and discolorations. It contains black willow tree extract which has healing powers and also fresh warm spicy tea tree oil which is a powerful immune stimulant to help fight infections. 
This doesn't have alcohol so it doesn't dry your skin whatsoever.
Love this stuff!

Third step is the moisturizer

This is probably my most fave out of everything. It's the Citrus Cream Moisturizer with DMAE & Hyaluronic Acid. It smells divine and makes me wake up in the morning and then calms me down at night .  It's light but very hydrating without being greasy or oily. It is infused with essential oils of sweet and mandarin oranges, tangerines, lemons and limes. DMAE firms the skin and improves fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid attracts moisture to the skin and restores it's balance. It really does leave my skin so soft and supple without being greasy. And I definitely notice the difference in my fine lines around my eyes from sun damage. 

Next is a scrub that I use about twice a week
This sis the Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub that has Jojoba wax beads and activated charcoal to effectively remove dead skin, impurities and toxins. It's gentle enough for sensitive and acne prone skin types. This scrub is great because you don't feel like your are literally scrubbing your skin off. It's just enough to exfoliate and definitely does the job of removing those nasty blackheads.

Last item is a mask that I use once a week

This mask you will not know if want to eat it or put it on your skin, that's how good it smells. It's the Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask. Pumpkin is blended with Glycolic acid. It contains high concentrations of Proteolytic enzymes, anti oxidant beta carotene and over 100 other essential vitamins, mineral, phytosterols, and fatty acids. It exfoliates, moisturizes, firms, improves elasticity and pliability of the skin.  I love this mask so much. Love the way it smells, feels and the after effect of course. Leaves my skin radiant and super soft. 

Overall I'm totally happy with what these products did for my skin. The breakouts I was having on my forehead and jawline have stopped and the quality of my skin has improved. I've had the kit just under a month and the only thing I've used up is the toner. I think I was a bit heavy handed with it. The rest of the products you only have to use very minimal amounts. A little goes a long way.

This kit usually goes for $46.00 but until March 31st you can get it for only $33.00. The shipping is minimal (around $6.95) and it's quick to get to you. 
Check out the link to the kit I got here:  Discovery Kit

Also if you go to their website for the first time, make sure you fill out the form when prompted. That will give you an extra 10% off. 
If you try this or already have leave a comment or head over to my Youtube channel and leave a comment on the video. 

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