Hi all! Finally I'm back with another great product review.

Slender Body Original Coffee Scrub made with Cacay Oil.

Last year you might remember I did a blog review on a product called Cacay oil.  To this day I still swear it's the best face oil on the market. Well today I'm giving a review of a body scrub that has Cacay oil in the ingredients and let me tell you this stuff is amazing.
You have probably already heard of coffee scrubs being extremely beneficial to your skin, especially for cellulite, stretch marks and acne. I even made a coffee scrub tutorial on my YouTube channel years back. Nothing can compare to this product.

As I usually do, let me do a rundown of some of the details of this product before I tell you what I think.

  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Organic USD Certified Premium Roast Columbian coffee
  • Contains Cacay Oil which contains 50% more Vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Acid compared to Argan Oil
  • Contains Orange and Almond Oil for an amazing scent

So what does all of this do you ask? Using this in the mornings is a great way to wake up your senses and your skin. The caffeine in the coffee is a natural stimulator which gets the blood flow going in your body. Getting that stimulated helps with stretch marks, scarring and that pesky thing we call cellulite.
I personally take showers at night so that's when I use it. I find the aroma to not really get me hyped but more clear my head. You know how you smell coffee beans after smelling too many perfumes at the store? Think of it as clearing out all the good and bad stuff your senses probably took in from the day. Not to mention that a good scrub gets off all of that dirt and grime and completely smoothes out your skin to leave it soft and silky. That's where that Cacay oil comes in. Your skin feels like butter after using this. But not in a greasy oily way. It just feels so soft and hydrated. In addition to that amazing aroma of the  Columbian coffee they  combine Orange and Almond oil to compliment the coffee scent perfectly.

After using it for the past few weeks I've noticed my skin texture has improved. I live in Southern Cali and my skin can get so dry to the point I can draw on it with my finger. Especially my legs. And let's be real, I got cellulite people and so I will use whatever I can to help diminish that. Don't get me wrong, you can't completely fix cellulite with a scrub or cream but I can honestly say I've seen an improvement in it.

Here is something I didn't mention yet. When you hear coffee scrub you probably think of just using on the body right? Wrong! You can use this on your face to help with redness, acne and skin texture.  Now that's what I call worth every penny. I can't tell you how great it is to have a scrub that you can use all over. I have so many different ones for different things and here are you need is this one.

So lastly this is how you use it

  • Get in the shower and get nice and soaked
  • Turn off the water and grab a handful at a time of the coffee scrub
  • Apply it to your skin using circular motions
  • Leave it on for anywhere from 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse and feel the smooth, soft and supple skin you have been wanting
So my final thoughts on this is go to Amazon and order yourself some! You won't be disappointed.

~  Cacay Naturals  ~ 
Anti-aging 100% Cacay Oil Review

I'm back with a product review finally! Recently I was given the opportunity to try out an oil that I honestly had never heard of before. Being a huge fan of face oils I was excited at the chance to experience something new.

Enter in Cacay Oil by Cacay Naturals.


For the past several years I've been using Rosehip seed oil for scars, fine lines,and wrinkles and had been very happy with the results. Well, I had no idea what I was missing until I received this little gem.
First let me give you a little background on where Cacay oil comes from.
The oil is from the Cacay trees that grow wild in Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador along the base of the Andes Mountains.  Each nut is about the size of an apple and contains 3 seeds that are the size a bit bigger than an almond.

The nuts themselves have multiple uses. You can eat them, crush them, toast them and the oil from the nuts is AMAZING for your skin. Used since ancient times for cuts and burns it contains vital ingredients that make it probably one of the best oils to use cosmetically. As I like to do with all of my reviews, here is a list of ingredient facts that just might blow your mind:

  • Contains more 50% more Vitamin E & Linoleic acid than Argan Oil
  • Three times the amount of Vitamin A that is in Rose hip seed oil
  • Three times the amount of Vitamin C
  • Omega 3, 6, and 9
  • Vitamin F
When cold pressed it can be used right on the skin with benefits such as:
  • Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin
  • Hydrates
  • Smooths fine line and wrinkles
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Elasticity and texture is improved
  • Helps heal scars, cuts, and burns

The way that I use this oil in my daily skin care routine is after I've washed and toned my face. A little goes a long way with just two drops in my hand and gently applying to areas of my face where I feel I need it most such as the forehead, under eye and around my mouth area.

With living in Southern California, I often experience my under eye area being dry and thus making any fine lines or wrinkles more visible, so the first few uses I decided to apply just to that area (be careful not to get too close to your actual eyes).
After the first 2-3 days I immediately noticed a difference. My under eye area appeared smoother, more hydrated, and the proof was in the pudding when I applied my full face of makeup with concealer and setting powder for underneath my eyes.

One morning when I got into my car to go to work and checked my makeup in the mirror, I actually did a double take. Even with the lack of proper sleep my eyes appeared brighter, smoother, and younger. Next I used it around my mouth where laugh lines tend to show, and on my forehead, and everything within the first few uses had a plumper, more hydrated appearance.
One of the things I've noticed with using various oils on my face is the grease factor. Cacay oil is a dry oil and therefore really absorbs nicely into the skin and won't leave you sliding all over your pillow at night :)

What can I say but I'm in LOVE with this product. I've already started spreading the word to friends and family and even letting them try it so they can see for themselves.
If you are interested in trying this amazing, anti-aging oil then check out Cacay Naturals website here:
You can purchase here on Amazon: 

Make sure that if you have tried this product to leave me a comment and tell me about your experience!

~ L'Oreal products that I have been loving ~

Hey everyone! Long time no post. It seems like I get on a kick with my posts or videos and then life gets in the way. I guess that's part of not being a full time blogger and really only doing it for fun. With the three day weekend ( THANK GOD!) I decided that I could actually take the time and get back to doing what I love, which is writing. So what better place to start than a product review for you. Here are some products I've been trying out for the past few months and love.


First let's start off with foundation. Just like every woman I'm always on the quest for a better foundation. This one does not disappoint. It's a 24 hour wear formula that is also matte. Normally I wouldn't choose a foundation that has a matte finish with the fear of it looking too flat, however this is just the right amount of matte that keeps you oil free all day, and actually I believe that Loreal advertises it as a demi-matte finish.
Does it actually stay fresh for 24 hours? Since staying up for 24 hours straight let alone with makeup on isn't something I do regularly, I can't say I have tried and tested that claim.
I have however worn it for about 15-17 hours and I can say that it holds up extremely well.
For application I usually use a beauty blender which really allows for a smooth and even coverage. Since it is matte I rarely need to do any sort of touching up with powder throughout the day unless I had been in the sun or it was super hot out.

I started out wearing the shade #106 Sun Beige which was perfect for me, but then later also picked up #108  Caramel Beige when I wanted my face to actually match my tanned body. No one wants that pale face with tan body look!  You of course could also combine the two for a more customized shade.
I would say the only part for me that is harder to cover is my nose but this seems to be the case with any foundation. The feeling on my skin is very light and I barely feel like I'm wearing anything which is great especially for a foundation that I would consider to be medium to full coverage.
Now onto the finishing spray !

After wearing makeup for as long as I have in my lifetime I decided about 9 months ago to finally join the band wagon of using a finishing spray. I will be honest and say that when I would watch Youtubers use them I was like "huh?". I didn't understand what the hype was about. Finally one day while at my local Sephora I was standing in line and saw the travel size of Urban Decay's All nighter finishing spray. I thought what the heck I'll give it a go.  I had no idea what I had been missing! It gave my makeup just that finished complete look and I instantly became an avid user. Fast forward to my Urban Decay being used up and the decision of which one to try next. After seeing Tati (glamlifeguru) on Youtube do a review on the spray I literally went out the next day to my Target and picked one up. Hint: Target has the cheapest price for it!
L'Oreal's version I will say gives Urban Decay a complete run for their money. Literally, because it's a good $15 cheaper .  Main differences would be that Urban's is Vegan and about a half an ounce more in the bottle . I think that it also has a bit more of a fragrance to it as well which I can't really say is a good thing.
The only drawback to the Loreal spray is the packaging. The rubber like material on the outside tends to pick up every little foundation or powder ridden fingerprint. However if that's the only bad thing about it then I'll take it!

Lastly we have the mascara. The Voluminous Black Angel Miss Manga mascara in Extra black is the one that I picked up.

Again this is an item that you can forever be on the hunt for to attain perfect long lashes. I had been trying out sample sizes of Benefit and Stila, when again I came across a Youtube review on this baby. My lashes aren't the longest or thickest so of course I want something for both. This mascara I can say really does work well for that doll eyed look.
 The 360 flexible brush really allows for good application to both the top and bottom lashes and I love that the brush is pointed because it makes it easier to get into the corners of your eye without messing up your whole eye makeup if you happen to not be so steady with your hand that day.

I'm not one to apply multiple coats and I would say if you are this might get a little too clumpy for you. It definitely adds thickness to your lashes and I typically tend to curl my lashes before and after applying for the full effect.  Finally a real deal breaker for me with mascara is how easily it can be removed. I've had ones that I can literally almost not remove completely with both eye makeup remover and facial cleanser. That irks me to no end! Luckily this one passed that test and comes off like a breeze. That's not to say however that it doesn't stay put.

So that's it for this review. If you have tried any of these products leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.
I'll try not to be a stranger so check back soon and have a great week!

~ Nailhur- Reusable manicure ~

Happy Holidays ! I know I have been MIA again for a bit, but things have just been so busy lately that I haven't had any time to do videos or blog posts.
My posts usually come when I find items or products that I truly love  and this product I'm writing about today is truly a gem !

 I've been wearing artificial nails for a few years now, both from the salon and ones I apply myself. Most of the brands that I've tried are only good for one wear which is typically around 5-7 days in duration . Well what if you could have nails that you could reapply whenever you want?

Enter Nailhur! Yes, these babies are reusable. This was something that I personally have never run across in my search for the perfect nails.

Nailhur sets come with 24 nails in 12 different sizes that are all numbered to match up for a quick and easy application. I literally applied these nails in less than 10 minutes!
Here are just some of the pros:

  • Each nail is numbered
  • The thickness of the nail is perfect, not too chunky and not too thin
  • The shape of the nail hugs your own nail perfectly
  • No chipping
  • They come in square, oval, and stiletto shape
  • You can file them to your preferred length
  • Very durable
  • Each set comes with nail glue that is strong and HQ free, as well as a file
One of the main things that I love, is that they stay on very securely and for a good length of time. I tested these out thoroughly by doing heavy cleaning and dish washing and I even took a bath and they were still in tact. I think most people think that artificial nails just pop off randomly and that they aren't very durable, however that's not the case with Nailhur nails. I would say the trick is in the amount of glue that you use, because too little will of course cause them to come off easier, but a good amount allows the nail to feel secure and really just like your own nails.
Here is a picture of the nails after a week and a half of wear. I'm wearing the set "Spellbound"

With the set having various sizes, it is a win win to have a perfect fit no matter what shape your nail bed might be.
After all of the activity I was doing I can honestly say that only a few of the nails needed reapplying, which in my experience is pretty darn amazing. Another thing that I would experience with the other brands of nails would be them possibly splitting down the middle or chipping/tearing on the sides. These nails held up like champs! Not only were there no chips, but absolutely no tearing or splitting.

Another thing I noticed was the condition of my own nails when one would come off. Typically my nails would be left with a ton of dried glue on them and they would feel very weak and thin.
This was not the case with these nails. In fact I noticed my own nails continued to grow and felt strong and healthy. Removal was very easy with just simply soaking them in some warm water before gently prying them off.

Again, the greatest thing about them is that after removing them I can say without a doubt that these can be reapplied for another wear if not more.
They do have various shapes to choose from, and a TON of different designs. With accent nails being all the rage now, they are definitely on that trend with some sets that have multiple accent nails to sport.

So my vote is in 100% for Nailhur. It would be very hard to go back to another brand after this.
Here are two more styles that I bought and am super excited to wear.

 "Uber Chic"
A square shape set that has adorable black & white polka dots.

"Lucky Eye"
This set has the oval shape and is perfect if you want a bling bling look for a night on the town or just because. The black nails and printed nails are a matte finish, which looks absolutely flawless. The accent nails have sparkling rhinestones that will be sure to catch and eye or two :)

I highly recommend these not only for first time users of artificial nails, but also for the pros out there. For all of the money and time you spend at the nail salon, you could be out having fun showing these off.

Check out Nailhur's website HERE and take advantage of this limited time offer to get 40% off your order by entering the code NAILHUR40. They ship worldwide!

~  Destiny Candle ~

Last year I attended BeautyCon here in Los Angeles, where I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Michelle who is the owner of Destiny Candle. I was given a candle of my choice and ended up writing a blog post on it which I will link here.
Fast forward to a year later and Destiny Candle is going strong and continuing to grow into an amazing candle company.  I was lucky enough to be sent one of their "Calm" candles that is scented with some of my absolute favorite essential oils.  In a trio of scented bliss, they combine Lavender, Frankincense, and Grapefruit.
Absolute heaven! Of course the best thing about the candles is you can use them as moisturizing body oil. Talk about getting into the "calm" zone. After a long day at work I love to light it up and put it next to my bathtub. The scent is seriously relaxing.
Here is my "Calm" candle before I lit it.

In the particular candle I received there is a charm valued at anywhere from $10- $10,000 dollars.
You can see the charm peeking out here in this picture

Here are some other facts about Destiny Candles

  • Each candle is individually handcrafted in the USA
  • They are made with 100% ALL natural ingredients & natural essential oils
  • They melt to create an amazing massage oil
  • Each one contains a beautiful intention crystal that can be worn. At this time they have two different types of candles that have charms that are valued at anywhere from $10- $10,000!
  • There are 8oz candles that burn for up to 45hours & 3oz. candles that burn for up to 18 hours
Ingredients include:
  •  Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Soy Oil
  • Aloe Vera Oil
  • Apricot Oil
  • Caprylic
In addition to "Calm" they have eight other candles-
  • Beauty (Mint, Rosemary, Vanilla)
  • Good Luck (Peppermint, Frankincense, Grapefruit)
  • Wealth (Fig, Bergamot, Vanilla)
  • Love/Sex (Vanilla, Coconut)
  • XOXO (Blood Orange)
  • Weight Loss ( Blood Orange)
  • Energy/Uplift (Cinnamon, Vanilla)
8oz. candles with intention crystals are just $29.99 with $6.95 s&h
3oz. candles are $10.99 with $2.95 s&h

All of the candles even have a 30 day money back guarantee, not that you will need it because believe me once you try these you won't want to give them back!

Last shot is my candle and cute Peace charm that was inside!


A big thanks to Destiny Candle for gifting me with this amazing candle!
Make sure you check out their website HERE so that you can order yourself one!

~Michael Todd True Organics
Discovery Kit Review ~

So after a few months of weird weather and my skin reacting to it, I finally said ENOUGH! I have been going more natural and organic lately with my skincare and I had seen so many review of the Michael Todd line that I finally jumped on the site and decided to buy. What I came across was awesome because they had a new line of kits called "Discovery Kits". Perfect for someone who wants to try out the products without buying full size.
After looking through the options I decided I was the "normal/combination" skin type.

The kit comes with 5 different products:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Scrub
  • Mask 
First step is the cleanse and tone cleanser.

This is the Cleanse and Tone One step Cleanser/Toner. It cleanses, tones and removes your makeup all in one. It has highly absorbent Charcoal that penetrates deep into the pores and gently removes dirt and oil without drying. It also has antioxidant vitamins, organic teas and essential oils to help fight environmental stressors.  This cleanser feels amazing on the skin. It doesn't leave a tight feeling just purely cleansed feeling. Smells great too.

Second step is the toner

This Organic Lemon AHA+DMAE toner smells so good because it has the aroma of fresh lemons. It's blended with DMAE and Alpha Hydroxy acid to firm, lift, and tighten the skin while easing away the appearance of fine lines, blotches and discolorations. It contains black willow tree extract which has healing powers and also fresh warm spicy tea tree oil which is a powerful immune stimulant to help fight infections. 
This doesn't have alcohol so it doesn't dry your skin whatsoever.
Love this stuff!

Third step is the moisturizer

This is probably my most fave out of everything. It's the Citrus Cream Moisturizer with DMAE & Hyaluronic Acid. It smells divine and makes me wake up in the morning and then calms me down at night .  It's light but very hydrating without being greasy or oily. It is infused with essential oils of sweet and mandarin oranges, tangerines, lemons and limes. DMAE firms the skin and improves fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid attracts moisture to the skin and restores it's balance. It really does leave my skin so soft and supple without being greasy. And I definitely notice the difference in my fine lines around my eyes from sun damage. 

Next is a scrub that I use about twice a week

This sis the Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub that has Jojoba wax beads and activated charcoal to effectively remove dead skin, impurities and toxins. It's gentle enough for sensitive and acne prone skin types. This scrub is great because you don't feel like your are literally scrubbing your skin off. It's just enough to exfoliate and definitely does the job of removing those nasty blackheads.

Last item is a mask that I use once a week

This mask you will not know if want to eat it or put it on your skin, that's how good it smells. It's the Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask. Pumpkin is blended with Glycolic acid. It contains high concentrations of Proteolytic enzymes, anti oxidant beta carotene and over 100 other essential vitamins, mineral, phytosterols, and fatty acids. It exfoliates, moisturizes, firms, improves elasticity and pliability of the skin.  I love this mask so much. Love the way it smells, feels and the after effect of course. Leaves my skin radiant and super soft. 

Overall I'm totally happy with what these products did for my skin. The breakouts I was having on my forehead and jawline have stopped and the quality of my skin has improved. I've had the kit just under a month and the only thing I've used up is the toner. I think I was a bit heavy handed with it. The rest of the products you only have to use very minimal amounts. A little goes a long way.

This kit usually goes for $46.00 but until March 31st you can get it for only $33.00. The shipping is minimal (around $6.95) and it's quick to get to you. 
Check out the link to the kit I got here:  Discovery Kit

Also if you go to their website for the first time, make sure you fill out the form when prompted. That will give you an extra 10% off. 
If you try this or already have leave a comment or head over to my Youtube channel and leave a comment on the video. 

~ Hair Secrets Extensions Review ~

After having my last set of extensions for over 2 years it was finally time to buckle down and get a new pair. My last set had been amazing to me, but after extensive wear and trims, it had worked its way up to be quite shorter than what they started out.
After doing a lot of research on different blogs and Youtube reviews I settled on the brand Hair Secrets Extensions.
They have two different sets one for Ultimate Volume and then one for Fine hair which is the one I chose.


The first thing that attracted me was their color selection because it's amazing! With 30 shades, they have the most shades of blonde that I've ever seen. I think I counted at least 12.  They have excellent customer service and if you have a question about which shade to choose, simply email them a picture of your current hair and they can help you match it. 
The shade I chose is "Just like a star"

The quality was the next thing that appealed to me. Their extensions are the same thickness from root to tip. So for those who think it's all about the weight in grams, make sure you check out the thickness because that's where it really counts. You don't want those whispy ends :)

The clips are extremely comfortable and the lace lining helps to prevent shedding. I've already washed them once and I can say that any hair coming out is at a minimum.

They have silicone strips which ensure to keep them in place and from slipping out.

For me the five pieces that come in the set is the perfect amount for my head. I really can't fit more than that without it feeling uncomfortable. They come in 20 inches.

They come with this cute organza storage bag which keeps them nice and tangle free!

I brought them to my stylist and she cut them into my own hair. They match and blend so perfectly and the quality seriously is beyond. So smooth and silky!

Check out their website here:

I can't say enough great things about them. Make sure you comment if you have tried them or are planning on it!

~ Physicians Formula Super CC Cream Review ~

Walking into Rite Aid at the beginning of the New year is like being a kid in a candy shop. All the new displays and products can almost make you dizzy. A few different products caught my eye but not being able to buy them all at once made me really buckle down and decide which I needed most.
That brought me to the new Super CC Cream from Physicians Formula. 

I don't think I have ever really used any products from Physicians Formula other than maybe a pressed powder. It's certainly not because I haven't heard great things about them, but I guess it was my curiosity about CC creams that drew me to their product and the fact that they are gluten free, paraben free and oil free among other things.
What caught my eye too is all the things it claims to do for your skin. First off, it's the 1st ever Color-Correction Care Cream.
Here's a list of what it visibly corrects:

  • Dark circles
  • Age spots
  • Blemishes
  •  Dullness
  • Uneven Skin tone
  • Redness
  • Dark Shadows
  • Discoloration
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Signs of Fatigue
  • Replaces anti-aging treatment
  • Moisturizer 
  • SPF 30
WHEW! That's a whole lot :)  
I have to say I'm totally and utterly pleased with this product. I love the way it feels and goes on my skin smoothly. It feels light like a tinted moisturizer but definitely has the coverage I need. 
It doesn't get oily or greasy whether I use a moisturizer before or not and it wears well throughout the day and doesn't dry out my skin. 
It comes in two shades, Light and Light/Medium which is the one I picked up. The match is perfect even with me either getting sun outside or with my self tanner.

 Check out my Youtube Review here

Over all I can't say enough good things about it.
It comes in a  1.2fl oz tube and retails on the Physicians Formula site for $14.95.
At my Rite Aid it was $13.95, plus I got an instant $3.00 off coupon as well. Score!

Let me know if you have tried this and what you think of it. Also let me know if you have tried any other CC Creams. 

~ KISS Gel Fantasy Nail Kit Review ~

I remember being a teenager and wanting artificial nails so bad. I went through a short time of getting acrylic tips but the cost just was too much to keep up with. Fast forward to at least a decade later and I found myself browsing through the glue on nail section at Target. They looked so pretty and easy to put on. The question was would they stay on and if they did would they completely destroy my real nails underneath. 
I took the plunge and purchased my first set. From there I was hooked and over the course of the next year or so I tried out every brand that was out there. Coming to the conclusion that the brand KISS most definitely had the best fit, look, and durability.  I was able to get at least a week and half to two weeks of wear with maybe one or two needed to be re-glued. And all at the cost of under $7 each time! What a deal considering what acrylics used to cost me.
Two weeks ago I wandered into my local Rite Aid and saw these babies on display. It looks like KISS relaunched a new look (which is gorgeous) to their packaging as well as these Gel Fantasy Nail kits.

I was literally so excited I almost started talking to myself out loud lol. But I refrained and focused on choosing between the various glittered and glitzed collections that KISS has just released. What different about them from the rest of their nails is that they are ready to wear Gel nails. The polish is super shiny and resilient and the great part about these is you don't have to go through the trouble of taking that darn glitter polish off your own nails! 
They come with 24 nails and you can use the nail glue or the 24 adhesive tabs they supply along with a small file and cuticle stick.
There were six different designs that were either Short or Medium length. All but one were a more squared shape. Some sets have glitter on every nail or like these that I got its only on a few nails with the others have a french manicure like design. This design is called "Rock Candy".

The next week I had to go back and pick up this other set I had fallen in love with. It's called "Painted Veil" and they are more a stiletto type shape that are medium length. I'll be applying these over the weekend.

Overall these did not disappoint in the least. They rose to the standard that I have already held the KISS brand at and lasted me with glue application around 10 days which is freaking awesome! 
I can't say enough great things about them so I highly recommend going and getting yourself a set!At Rite Aid I paid $7.99 for the kit and currently in my area that's the only place I have been able to find these. I really really hope that KISS continues this trend because for an avid nail wearer I would definitely be keeping myself stocked up on these puppies :)

~ Candi Cleanse by Aster Elliott ~ 
Final Day 3 PLUS GIVEAWAY!!!!

So here I am after completing three days of the Candi Cleanse from Aster Elliott and I'm feeling great! 
The days just flew by so quickly and to my amazement and surprise I didn't really notice the lack of sugar and caffeine in my diet. Only here or there I noticed a slight headache from the detox from caffeine but it was really barely noticeable. 
The morning and evening shakes became a quick favorite of mine mainly due to the fact that they were so darn yummy! The Dazzle Bars were also one of my faves and I found myself craving those more than I would a normal candy bar or chocolate. 

Some people might think of a cleanse or detox as them spending a lot of time in the bathroom but that's not the case. At least with the three different programs I've tried from Aster, I've always been kept quite regular throughout the whole duration of the cleanse. I definitely noticed that the cleanse reduced my bloating as well.
Some other positives were that I didn't find myself hitting that afternoon low where I would normally feel tired. In fact I felt quite energized and ended up getting a lot accomplished over the weekend! 

Overall I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. I can't say enough about how I think these programs are perfect because you get such a well rounded balance of nutrients, proteins, etc that you will never be left feeling deprived. 

Now onto something super exciting! I had the chance to sit down with Aster herself and chit chat about some things. She and her company are based right here in Los Angeles, and her background is extensive in nutrition so she knows her stuff! 
She really was able to breakdown her programs and what exactly they do to our bodies and how they are so important. 
She has a blog on her webpage, and one of the posts describes exactly what we talked about. I wouldn't want to forget or leave anything out so I'll direct you right to the blog post here:

Detoxification- Why it's so important

I highly recommend reading that post. It certainly clicked in my brain when I heard it described like that.

Lastly, Aster was kind enough to give me a Candi Cleanse to giveaway!!  I was so excited because technically this is my first giveaway ( my first one never took off) and secondly because I just recently hit over 2300 subscribers on my Youtube Page.

Here are the rules to enter:

GIVEAWAY RULES - Open to all my subscribers from the US.

1. MUST be at least 18 years old to enter. If under 18 years old, please have permission from your parent/guardian to enter this giveaway. 
2. MUST subscribe to my channel: Aim To Create
3. MUST follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Find me here:
Twitter: @aimtocreate
4. Must subscribe to Aster Elliott's Channel: Aster Elliott 
5. Must follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Twitter: @asterelliott
6. MUST Like and Favorite this video
7.. MUST leave a comment saying why you would like to do a cleanse.
6. Winners will be randomly picked on Black Friday November, 29th 2013

Good luck guys and make sure to leave me a comment here or on my video if you have tried one of her cleanses!

  ~ Conair Curling Wand 
YOU Textured Waves Review ~

I've been trying out this Conair curling wand for a few months now and decided to finally write up a post review on it. I had been curious about this shaped barrel for some time now and so when I spotted it at Target for a great price, I simply had to try it. 
The barrel has a ceramic tourmaline barrel which helps with frizz and shine. Heating up to 400 degrees, it also has temps at 310, 330, and 360, 400

Like a lot of curling wands it also comes with a glove which can come in handy if you aren't used to this type of barrel.

 I was happy with the fact that the display actually shows the different temps with an on and off switch as well. 

As far as performance I was very pleased. It heats up quickly, and definitely holds a good curl. It takes a bit of practice to get the type of curl you want, but once you get the hang of it I find it makes curling my hair quite quick. You can get super tight kinky curls if you want or more tousled beach waves which had been my favorite as of late. 
As I said I found it at Target and it was $29.99. A great buy for a wand that does all the tricks that a more expensive wand does. 
Click the link to buy online at Target here:

If you have tried this let me know and comment below!

~ Candi Cleanse by Aster Elliott- Day one ~

I was so excited to be gifted Aster Elliott's relaunched "Candi Cleanse". Having already done two of her previous cleanses, my expectations were high knowing the quality of the products she puts out, and let me tell you so far I am definitely not disappointed!

The Candi Cleanse is a 3 day sugar detox cleanse, which is perfect since Halloween launched the season of tempting sugary sweets and goodies that taunt and tease you throughout the holidays.
I think it's also the perfect length cleanse for this time of year since we all know that we will give into that temptation and yet can quickly cleanse out our systems in a few days to get ready for the next Christmas party :)

I'm going to breakdown Day one for you, which was actually quite easy. I never once felt hungry or deprived, in fact I was amazed at how much I did get to eat. After the three days I'll be blogging again along with a Youtube review recapping how I felt etc.

Here's how Day One went down:

  • Before breakfast on an empty stomach, I took one of the three supplements that are supplied called "Delight".  This supplement helps heal your stomach where that sugar can really mess things up. It also helps curb those sugar cravings.

Breakfast started out with an apple and the breakfast shake. You use Vanilla Almond Milk and Almond butter, along with "Sweet" which is a gluten free, vegan protein powder. 


Let me tell you this is YUMMY! The powder is a Sacha Inchi protien base that has a slight vanilla flavor so when combined with the other two ingredients, you feel like you are almost drinking a chilled vanilla latte that actually fills you up!

  • After breakfast you have another supplement called "Charm".  This is a combination of nutrients that keep your feel good hormones going throughout the cleanse. Pretty genius since we know how cutting out those sweets and caffine can make us cranky 

  • For the mid-morning snack you get half of one of the "Dazzle" bars. Ok now this is where you feel like you are totally not on a cleanse. 

Closing your eyes you could imagine you were biting into a delicious almond chocolate candy bar. In reality you are actually indulging in a delicious chocolate almond energy bar that is dairy free, helps you curb your appetite, and has no fructose, gluten, or sucrose. Amazing! Devour that with a good amount of water and your Delight supplement as well as the supplement "Spice. Spice helps give you energy and reduce your stress. 

  • A few hours go by and you are ready for lunch. With the cleanse you get different menu options that include healthy protein, vegetable and fat choices to choose from.  I made myself a salad from the choices and believe me I was full after that!

  • Next is your mid-afternoon snack. I know! Can you believe how much you get to eat and we haven't even finished day one yet! This snack is a repeat of the mid morning snack where you finish the other half of your "Dazzle" bar and take more supplements.

  • Dinner is next, where you repeat a fruit choice along with your shake. By this hour, I wasn't even thinking about how I was going to get through two more days because I didn't even feel like I was actually doing a cleanse!

  • Lastly is your PM snack. You get a few small choices to choose from which was fine with me because I was definitely full for the day. 

So good night on Day one of the Candi Cleanse :) So far I'm loving it and feeling great. Shocker is I don't even miss my Coca Cola. (Ok maybe just a little :)
I'll back for Day Three, and make sure you watch my YouTube review when it comes out for a special surprise!  

~ LacQuin Moisturizing Hand Cream Review ~

Hand creams have never really been something of importance to me until the past few months. With the Fall weather being extremely unpredictable I found my hands getting more dry and rough on my palms and fingertips, as well as my cuticles being cracked and peeling. Like any woman I'm also aware of the different signs of aging, and one tell tale giveaway is your hands and elbows. 
I ended up trying out some different types of hand creams, but most of them either worked only for a few minutes or were too greasy.
Enter in LacQuin Moisturizing Hand Cream.  I was fortunate enough to be able to try it out for the past few weeks and I'm in love!  I use it morning and night on my hands and elbows and have immediately noticed the difference in my skin. 
It leaves your hands feeling soft and silky and the effects last even through multiple hand washings. In addition to feeling good, it actually heals cracked, dry skin. What a concept!
Aptly nicknamed "invisible gloves", it truely does feel like you are wearing a pair of gloves a few minutes after application. 
Now what cream does that? None that I know of.
The cream is also fragrance free which I think is a really great thing. For one if we want to smell good we have perfume for that right? I personally don't like mixing my smell. I would also rather have the cream actually heal than just smell good or be too greasy.

Watch my Youtube review here

The cream comes in 4oz and 2oz sizes and retails for 
$13.95 & $21.95

I really can't say enough good things about this product! If you have tried it or end up trying it make sure you leave me a comment on your thoughts! 

Check out the backstory to the company and also for a list of ingredients on their website here:

BONUS! Lacquin was kind enough to offer me a code to give to my readers for 10% off a purchase.
Enter the code "AMY" at the checkout 

~ Destiny Candles ~

Over the past weekend I attended BeautyCon here in Los Angeles with my friend Becky. While walking through the different vendors at the location of Siren Studios, we came across a table that I had to stop at. It was a gorgeous table filled with my favorite things.... Candles :) I was able to meet one of the owners of Destiny Candles, Karen Michelle who is absolutely the sweetest!

These aren't just any candles though, these are truly unique to anything I had ever seen before. Destiny Candles are 100% all natural, hand crafted candles that serve more than one purpose. Not only do they have amazing scents from the essential oils they use, but when burned the wax turns to massage oil! In addition to that, each one has it's own different intention crystal inside that you can remove and wear as a bracelet or necklace.
Look how cute these come wrapped :) 

Here is a list of the 7 different scents and intentions they come in:

  • Stress Relief- Lavender, Frankincense & Vanilla

This crystal activates your intention, bringing you a clear state of mind and eliminating stress.

  • Weight Loss- Blood Orange

This crystal activates your intention, helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

  • Beauty- Mint, Rosemary & Vanilla

This crystal activates your intention, revealing your inner beauty and youth

  • Love/Sex- Vanilla & Coconut

This crystal activates your intention,bringing passion into your love life.

  • Wealth- Fig, Bergamot & Vanilla

This crystal activates your intention, providing you with financial abundance.

  • Good Luck- Peppermint, Franincense & Grapefruit

This crystal activates your intention, bringing positive energy into all aspects of your life.

  • EnergyUplifting- Cinnamon & Vanilla

This crystal activates your intention, uplifting your body into a positive state of well-being.

I chose the Wealth candle ( it definitely can't hurt!) I LOVE the smell of the Fig! It's so relaxing.

Here you can see the crystal that is wrapped up inside the candle

Here is the crystal I removed

Slide it onto the cute purple string and you can wear it as a necklace...

Or a bracelet, which is how I will wear it :)

Comment below if you have tried one or are going to!
Check out their website to order one for yourself. 

~ Top Fave Skin Care Products ~

Hey guys! So I thought I would give a little rundown on the top favorite skin care products I've been using for the past few months. I owe a huge part of my finds to Kassie and her Youtube channel "Cloudyapples". She is a very well informed, well read woman who knows her stuff! Check out her channel here:

Here is my Youtube video you can watch to hear all about these products:

Juice Beauty's website:
You can find Avocado Oil & Castor Oil at Whole Foods or if you have Sprouts in your area.

~Review ~ 
Endless Beauty Program
From Aster Elliott

I was so excited when I found out that I would be able to try out Aster Elliott's new program "Endless Beauty". If you follow my blog or my Youtube channel then you might have seen back in April when I did Aster's 7 day DNA Detox Cleanse. It was such a great experience and I had such great results, so needless to say I was eager to try out the new program.
What makes this different from the rest of Aster's programs, is that while most are anywhere from 3-21 day cleanses, this is a 30 day program that helps you make the transition AFTER you finish your cleanse. Not only that but you have two choices with Endless Beauty. You can either do the Daily Maintenance, which basically keeps you on track with your diet by providing 30 days of meal plans and of course her delicious products for your daily shakes. or you can choose the Weight Loss program, which will keep you on more of a calorie balanced diet plan along with the two supplements to help you with your weight loss. 
I chose to do the weight loss program, not because I NEED to lose weight, but I'm one who doesn't mind losing a few pounds :)
Also, with both plans you are provided with 30 different meals to choose from, or you can build you own meals with the endless food choices they give you.

Here is a pic of the whole program

Everyday you make a smoothie with one of the 10 different recipes provided. In those smoothies you include your "Amazing Meal", "Vitality", and your "Glamour Greens". If your smoothie doesn't include the greens then you can simply drink them with water. Out of all the recipes the Nutella Smoothie is my favorite.

Here is a pic of what I use in the Nutella smoothie
 Here is the smoothie made. It tastes like a delicious frappacino!

So far I am two weeks into the program and feeling great. I notice a lot of the same results that I did from the DNA detox, like no tummy aches or bloating, my skin is clearer and my hair feels healthier. I've also lost a little weight (I can tell from my clothes). So over all I am more than happy with this program. I feel like it really gives you a good chance to change your ways and form healthier eating habits. 
You actually start to crave all those veggies and good foods, and it doesn't feel like you are being deprived from anything at all. This definitely doesn't feel like a diet, it feels like a better way of life!
Check out the Endless Beauty Program on the Aster Elliott site. You can also sign up for auto shipments so you don't even have to think about reordering. 

Leave a comment below if you have tried any of her programs or comment on my Youtube video

♥ Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer 
& Ultra Smoothing Eye Serum ♥

Back a few weeks ago when I attended the Toni & Guy Blogger Beauty Forecast Event, we received  goodie bag at the end of the night. One of the sponsors of the evening was Dermalogica and so inside my bag were two gems from their product line.
First was the Skinperfect Primer.  I had tried only one primer before and wasn't really impressed so I never really thought much more about them since then. Now what's funny is literally the night before the event I was watching Karissa from Satnightsalrite on Youtube and she was talking about this primer. It definitely caught my eye and I made a mental note to check it out and purchase it.
As fate would have it, there it was in my hands the very next night.

Now let me say that this product is AMAZING! I had always thought that primers would make your skin feel heavier and caked with using something beneath your foundation. Definitely not the case with this. It's so light and airy and velvety smooth. It has a tint to it, so you are able to wear it either alone or under your foundation.

 One thing I had been noticing lately with my foundation routine that the pores around and on my nose seemed more pronounced. With Skinperfect they completely disappear. My skin is smoother, more even and appears flawless after application. Here is a list of some of the things that it does:

  • Stimulates collagen production to help promote firmness
  • Smooths away fine lines
  • Silicones combined with Soy Protein even out skin texture
  • Natural Minerals provide a tint to balance skin tone
  • Potent Peptide helps improve firmness
  • Sunscreens shield against sun damage
  • No artificial fragrances or colors

The second gem in my bag was the Ultra Smoothing Eye Serum.

 I've typically only used eye creams in the past, so I was excited to finally try a serum. I have found that this works so much better than an eye cream does, perhaps because the serum is more potent.
Here are some things this product does:

  • Blend of Brown and Red Algae and Golden Chamomile helps minimize puffiness
  • Oat Kernel Extract soothes fragile skin
  • Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid optimizes hydration
  • Formulated without fragrances or colors

 If you have tried any Dermalogica products I would love to hear about it! Leave me a comment on here or any of my social media sites.
Check out Dermalogica's website for all of their amazing products

~ Product Review- Blush Body Treatment 
from Aster Elliott ~

When I received my Aster Elliott DNA Detox Cleanse I also got her Blush Body Treatment from her Corset  Cleanse Program to try.
This is a toxin eliminating body treatment meant to absorb the toxins and impurities in your skin, leaving it taut, soft, supple and glowing. You are supposed to use it only 1 time a week and it's recommended that you drink plenty of water after using.

As you can see it looks like almost a clay mask. That's because one of it's main ingredients is French clay, along with Horse chesnut, Mango, Pinapple, and Banana just to name a few of the ingredients.
This smells AMAZING!!! Like her body treatment from her DNA Detox, it has that spa like fresh smell along with a citrus, light fruit smell.
For application all you do is simply apply it all over your body in the shower with circular motions, let it sit for about a minute and then rinse off completely.
My skin definitely felt the tightening effect but in a good way, not a dried tight feeling but more taut. It also left it feeling so smooth and silky, and overall just clean.

Check out her website to see all the different cleanse programs she offers and make sure you check out my Youtube channel to watch my three part series on her DNA Detox that I did two weeks ago. 

Day Seven ~ Aster Elliott DNA Detox Cleanse

After a week of doing this cleanse I have to say I am extremely pleased. I feel like it delivered all the things it said it would without paying the price of being tired and hungry all the time. In fact it was quite the opposite.I had more energy and was left feeling very full and satisfied after each meal and snack. 
Some of the benefits I have experienced are:

  • Skin is more radiant, clear , and smooth. Not just on the face either but on my whole body
  • Better mental clarity
  • Better sleep
  • Lost some weight (can tell by my clothes)
  • Felt lighter
  • Not bloated (stayed regular and felt comfortable)
  • Increased energy 

I definitely felt like the 7 days went by very quickly, and it really wasn't hard to follow or stay on it. The only withdrawal I had was from caffeine  I usually have a coke a day and so after the first and second day I started to get the typical caffeine withdrawal headache. 

Something really important to me is taste. If the products tasted bad there would be no way I could continue for a full week, so I was so glad to have tasty morning and evening shakes. Also something I want to point out is that there really is nothing out there on the market like the DNA Detox, so I was extremely happy to be able to try it.
This is the dinner shake made with the Glamour Greens and Divine, along with some mixed berries. You would be surprised how this fills you up!

This is the Golden Broth/Tea made mixed with lemon and Braggs. So tasty!

Final thought is I would definitely love to do a cleanse several times a year. After seeing and feeling the benefits it's hard to not want to continue to do them. If you haven't tried doing one yet, I highly recommend it!
Check out Aster Elliott's website for a complete list of ingredients and also her three other cleanse programs.
Watch the third part of my cleanse journey here:

Day Three ~ Aster Elliott DNA Detox Cleanse

So day three started out with my morning routine of a cup of hot water, lemon and cayenne pepper.
It might seem like nothing at first, but I feel like it actually really jumpstarts my day and gets my body going.


After the three days I can tell you that I feel more energy and my skin was noticeably smoother and softer even at the end of day one. In addition to that I feel lighter and over all cleaner on the inside. I notice at night after I have my dinner shake that I have a good amount of energy but not too much where it prevents me from sleeping well.

Here is my afternoon snack of Beauty Chips and Green Tea. These chips are so tasty and really perfect if you have a bit of a sweet tooth. They are toasted have kind of a sprinkled coating of organic raw Cacao, sea salt and Stevia.
One of the awesome things about Aster Elliott cleanses is that they are really perfect for everyone including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free dieters. All the products are free of parabens, SLS, wheat, gluten, soy, eggs, artificial colors, sugar, flavors or preservatives.
Watch the second part of my three part series on my Youtube channel and stay tuned for the third part in a few days.

Day One ~ Aster Elliott DNA Detox Cleanse

I'm excited to share my first cleanse/detox program experience with you all. I am also thankful to Aster Elliott who was lovely enough to send me her newest cleanse to try, the DNA Detox. 
Here is the official website where she has four different cleanse programs to choose from:
When I opened my box these were all the goodies inside!

This cleanse is not only for detoxifying your insides but your outside as well. The benefits are glowing skin, shiny hair, and healthy nails. The program combines natural elements to neutralize and detox free radicals. It does that by boosting the natural repair system in your body to help transform you inside and out. 

~Day one for me started out with first a cup of hot water with some lemon and cayenne pepper. 
Then came the breakfast shake, which consists of the "Divine Meal Replacement".
Divine is what replaces your Breakfast and Dinner, and is 100% Sachi Inchi protein base. Sachi Inchi is a plant that is grown on the vines of the Peruvian Amazon.  It has a nutty flavor but is completely nut allergen free. It is also gluten free and a vegan protein. 

Along with Divine you mix it with "Radiant Reds" which is a combination of over a dozen colored fruits and vegetables and also their phytonutrients like grape skin extract and pomegranate. 
Mix it with either Vanilla Almond Milk or Coconut Milk, or even combine the two together.One of the great things about the cleanse is it comes with this glass reusable bottle to use for your shakes.  

Here is my morning shake half gone. This is so tasty! It kind of has a peanut butter, mocha, coffee taste to me.

There's no worry that you won't be full because you are also allowed to have a choice of different fruits in addition to your shake. After that you take a supplement called "Glow" which is fortified with antioxidants that support and improves your hair and skin.

~Next is your Mid-Morning tea/broth. You have hot water along with "Golden Detox Broth" which is a blend of herbs, spices and antioxidants that when combined together assist and support the detox process. Add a little Bragg Liquid Amino Spray and you have a tasty hot drink to get you through to lunch.

~For lunch you have quite a few options. There are some recipes you can follow or you can make your own by choosing one option from four categories which include Protein, Veggies, Starch, and Fat. After your lunch you take a "Bright" supplement which helps in cell reproduction and essential for healthy hair, skin and nails.

~Next was one of my favorites, the snack! You get one heaping scoop of "Beauty Chips" which are made from 100% pure coconut ( my fave!) along with either water or herbal tea. I opted for a nice green tea.

~Dinner is almost the same as breakfast with the exception of using "Glamour Greens" instead of the "Radiant Reds". Glamour Greens is a mix of organic grass juices, with fruits and berries. The results are sustained energy and and mental cleansing which I can testify to that I definitely noticed! 

Even after not getting very good sleep the night before after I had this for dinner I felt energized and clear. You also add a fruit to your dinner as well as another Glow capsule. 

~Lastly to end your night you make another cup of Golden Detox Broth.

This is the daily procedure for the next 7 days. I'm already feeling better so I can't wait to see how I look and feel after the 7 days!

One of the last things included in the cleanse is something I thought was really cool. You get two products for the outside of your body!

One is the Organic Citrus Blossom Face & Body Treatment. This smells so good! You feel like you are right at the spa when you use this. The second is the Organic Citrus Blossom Mist. This is to help minimize your pores and lock the moisture into your skin. I sprayed this on my face after showering and it was super refreshing and left my skin feeling great.

Stay tuned for more updates, and check out my Youtube channel where I will have a three part video series on my process. 

~ Rimmel London BB Cream Review ~

It's time again for another try at a BB Cream! This time it's Rimmel London's 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup.
It comes in 1fl oz. and I got the shade Medium. I spotted it a while back at CVS and thought I would give it a go. I actually really love the coverage and the lasting effect.

Here is a swatch on my hand. It's less oily than the Garnier BB cream I tried last year

Check out my full review here on my Youtube Channel:

Read more about it here on Rimmel's Official site:

♥ My Current Tanning Routine & Two Top Product Picks ♥

So it's that time of year again. Tanning season! Although, I'm not trying to rub it in, I live in sunny California so I kind of tend to get sun year round. But on the days it's too cold or I don't have time that's where my sunless tanning sprays come in handy. Over the past few months I've discovered two really great products that so far seem to keep me pretty satisfied. Of course that's not to say I ever stop looking for better!
The first one is a recommendation from a friend who found it in the tanning salon she goes to. When I checked it out it was $27. Sorry I'm not cheap but I'm not naïve either! I knew I could find it for a better price so I hopped on and found it for about $13 bucks. However I was just too impatient to wait for it to come in the mail so I managed to find it online at Sally's Beauty supply on sale for $15. I got in my car and drove to my local Sally's pronto!  It is regularly $19.99 which is still pretty good in my opinion.
The coverage is great, the smell is much better than others I have tried in the past and overall I'm quite pleased.

Body Drench Quick Tan Medium/Dark Bronzing Spray

Never fully satisfied, a few weeks later I jumped back onto the internet looking for some other good products. I came across one that I noticed had no parabens, and was gluten free! (lately I've been watching my gluten intake and cutting it out of my diet since I have a sneaking suspicion I might have an intolerance)
Anyway, this product I would rate slightly above the Body drench for a couple of reasons. One because I feel it's a little healthier for my skin, two because it gets me a little bit darker, and lastly because the smell is even better. There is hardly no tanning odor at all.

Norvell Amber Sun Professional Sunless Mist

Check out my full review on my Youtube channel

Here are the links to both products. I can't find the exact Norvell one on Amazon currently so supplied some other links for you!

Body Drench Quick Tan:

Norvell Amber Sun Professional Sunless Mist:

If you have tried either of these please leave me your feed back!! Would love to hear about your experience or if you have any recommendations ♥

I was fortunate enough to be given opportunity of trying this amazing mask by New Radiance skin care. This is a company that knows how to put quality into their products. Created by a Canadian entrepreneur that teamed up with cosmetologists from throughout South East Asia, they came up with an exotic blend of ingredients to make your skin look and feel amazing. 
Hydrating Thai Algae Mask

Filled with ingredients such as Vitamin A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, and the key ingredient Spirulina Algae which comes from the Indian Ocean, this mask is perfect for all skin types such as combination, oily, dry and acne prone.
I’ve been using this mask once a week during my nightly skin routine. I follow with my normal toner and nighttime moisturizer.  It leaves my skin feeling soft, supple, and most importantly hydrated.
While most masks dry up and crack when ready to be washed off, this one is unique in that it stays moist the whole time. I think this really made a difference in the end result because with other masks I felt like the moisture was being sucked out of my skin instead of being put into my skin. The tube is 1.04fl.oz and retails for $28.00 on the website. These products are also carried in various spas, which says even more about the quality of the product.

Check out New Radiance Skin Care's website here:

~ My Everyday Makeup Essentials~

While I was doing my makeup today I realized how much I love the certain staples that I use everyday. I thought each one deserved a shout out so I decided to post.
To start is my foundation. I discovered the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation through one of my favorite YouTubers MakeupbyAlli when she recommended it in one of her videos. (Check out her channel, she has great reviews and awesome tutorials) This foundation goes on so smooth without any wear due to its 24 hour stay power. The coverage is very good and I rarely need to use any powder throughout the day. For application I typically dot it around my face with a q-tip and then stipple it over my face with a kabuki brush. It doesn't leave my face feeling like it has a ton of foundation on which I love and it gives my skin a sort of velvety texture. Best of all this 0.8fl oz jar goes a very long way for the $12 I spend at the drugstore. I use shade 370 Natural Tan

For my concealer I have to say that the Sheer Cover Duo Concealer is truly amazing. As you can see it's getting pretty worn down, but what's amazing is that I've been using this one since I received it in my Influenster VoxBox many months ago! ( I actually posted a review on this in one of my posts) This concealer goes on like butter and definitely does the trick of covering up those dark under eye circles without drying out or getting cakey. I use the Medium/Tan shade. On the official Sheer Cover website they don't sell this individually, but I know you can find it on sites such as Ebay or

recently started using a loose setting powder and decided to try out the e.l.f High Definition Powder. This stuff is awesome! It's sheer and sets your foundation perfectly. I picked up mine at Target for $3.00

I wasn't much of a bronzer fan back in the day but I think it's perhaps because I didn't know how to use it right. My friend gave me this Milani Bronzer XL not too long ago and I adore it.  They call it "Tan in a Pan for all skin types". It's oil free, with the bronzer on the left side and a light dust shimmer powder on the right. On the official Milani site it retails for $9.99. Target sells it for $8.99
This is #02 Fake Tan

One of my favorite things about some of the e.l.f products is first that they actually work, second the price, and third that they last quite a while. I picked up this blush months ago and absolutely love the doll pink color it gives my cheeks. Found it at Target for $3.00 and its the shade "Pink Passion". Also the e.l.f Blush brush is a perfect match for it, also $3.00 at Target.

Ok, so I like e.l.f.! Lol. The only highlighting product I had ever used was Benefit's "High Beam". It was quite some time ago but I remember after some time that it became very cakey and dried up. I decided to give this one a go, I thought it's a $1.00 what do I have to lose? Let me tell you I LOVE this product. I dot it right at the top of my cheek bones to highlight them as well as at the top of my top lip to make them appear fuller. You have to try this out!

Lastly, is a mascara from one of my other favorite makeup companies. Its the Doll Eye Mascara by NYX. I think I had mentioned in one of my other posts that NYX is sometimes hard to come by. By now though, I know the spots to go. I wasn't really satisfied with some of the mascaras I had been trying out as they definitely didn't deliver what they promised. This mascara definitely delivers. It makes my lashes longer, thicker and really separates them well. The tube doesn't say what kind of black it is , but it's black :) I think I paid around $8.00 for it. 

You might be surprised to find no lipstick or lip gloss amongst my picks. That's because honestly I simply have not found one that I cannot live without. I have a ton of different ones but none have struck my fancy as of yet. If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment and if you have any of these products I would love to hear your feedback! 

~ Exhale Skin Care ~

This is yet another amazing skin care line that I have had the privilege to try out. Created by chemists and biologists this line is geared towards health and wellness with 100% all natural ingredients. The developed it to work with any skin type which I of course was very happy about! First of two products I have are...
 The Natural Gentle Cleanser 
This cleanser is truly amazing. It's a clear gel that goes on like silk and made my skin feel incredibly clean and moisturized. 
Here is a list of the ingredients:
  • Purified Water
  • Sodium Olivate
  • Glycerin
  • Rose Hip Seed Oil
  • Eriobotrya
  • Japonica Exract
  • Seaweed Extract
The second product is the Apple Stem Cell Cloud Cream.
This is a cream that left my skin very hydrated and not oily at all.  Ingredients:
  • Purified Water
  • Jojoba Seed Oil 
  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture 
  • Squalane
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Glycerin
  • Lecithin
  •  Laureth-7
  • C13-14 Isoparaffin
  • Polyacrylamide
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Ethylhexylglycerin

As I mention in my YouTube review I feel like these products really made my skin look younger and more taut. Most importantly is that the products are natural and safe to use on your skin which is something I am all about!

Check out their website here: 

Enter CODE: exhale50 for $50 off any package excluding the Sun Protection Package
Free shipping on all orders over $40 as well.

~ Firmoo Global Online Optical Store ~

Firmoo is an amazing online optical store where you can find not only prescription glasses but non prescription sunglasses as well. 
They have a huge selection to browse through such as Men's, Women's, Specialty, and Designer frames. They also have an virtual try on option where you can upload your photo and try on any pair of frames to see how they fit your face. I thought this was a great option especially for those of us who have a hard time straying away from our typical type frames that we wear.

These are the sunglasses I chose. Model  #OTO2581 in Gunmetal

Best of all they offer a special perk to first time customers which is a free pair of glasses (prescription or not) and all you have to do is pay for the shipping which is minimal. (designer frames excluded)
 Right now they are also offering a great deal to returning customers which is 20% off plus free shipping.
Click on the link here for free glasses: 
Go and check out their website and view all the different types of frames they have to fit your liking.  

Check out my review on my YouTube channel:

~Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment ~

Cilea is a product by made by PureSuasion Inc, which is a health a beauty company whose founders have over 25 year of experience in the beauty business. They were nice enough to send me one to try out and review and I was happy to oblige! 

I've never tried any sort of eyelash enhancing products before so when I read up on Cilea and found out that it's made with natural ingredients I was even more excited. Cilea boasts with an 82% increased eyelash growth in just 4 weeks. I'm going into my fourth week and I can tell you honestly and truly that my lashes have grown. How do I know? Not because I have measured but simply from when I go to curl my eyelashes there is more length to my lashes that come through the curler. 

As you can see the packaging is just like a mascara tube and the applicator is just like a liquid liner brush. They suggest for application that you start with a fresh clean face and to not put any makeup on over the product. So I typically put it on after I wash my face at night and then easy as putting on liquid liner it goes ! You can also apply it to your bottom lashes. It won't irritate or bother your eyes at all if you happen to get any in your actual eye. They have gone the extra lengths to have clinical studies done to prove there have been no side effects whatsoever. 
Here is a list of the ingredients:

  • Botanical Extracts (blend of herbs & extracts help lashes strengthen)
  • Protein
  • Panthenol  (a conditioning derivative of B-5)
  • Pomegranate
  • Vitamins
  • Peptides
  • Cucumber 
  • White Tea
  • Biotin 
  • Pumpkin  
Overall I really think this is a great product and especially if you have been in the market for specifically an eyelash enhancer. The 7ml tube is $69.95 and shipping is free shipping through UPS.
Check out their official website here for even more detailed info. 

Also check out my YouTube Channel review here

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~ Bellus Soap Company ~

These soaps truly leave your skin feeling like satin. The company which is based out of Phoenix, Arizona makes their soaps without using harsh chemicals and ingredients that are ultimately bad for you. Instead they use natural oils and ingredients that help rejuvenate the skin and promotes cellular stimulation to help with tough, dry skin.  If you have loose or sagging skin this soap will help tighten up and moisturize at the same time. 
Unlike a lot of bar soaps, Bellus doesn't leave your skin feeling filmy or dry and tight. There are only about six simple ingredients in the soaps:

  • Water
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Shea Butter

The three soaps they make are Unscented, Vanilla Sugar, and Cherry Blossom.
What I love best about it is the simple scents they have that are just the right amount fragrance that leaves your skin smelling clean and fresh but doesn't interfere with your daily use of lotions and perfume.
Each bar is 2.5 ounces and sell for $14.95 per bar. You can buy two at a discount for $22.50 and there is Free Shipping for all orders in the US.  Check out their website to order and be sure to leave me a comment on my blog or YouTube review if you end up trying it!

Revlon Triple Action 
Ultrasonic Conditioning Ceramic Straightener     

Revlon was kind enough to send me this straightener to try out and review and when I opened the box I was impressed with the sleek design, color and feel to the product. This hair tool definitely brought some things to the table I never had considered when buying a straightener. For instance, I never thought about straightening my hair while it was still wet, and I definitely had never thought of the word "ultrasonic" when thinking about styling my hair. Now how does that work you might ask... Well first from this picture you can see that there are three settings. 

Each setting does as follows:

  • Ultrasonic Conditioning (Blue light) Use on wet hair with your leave in conditioner to achieve hair that is hydrated and shiny. Works well on hair that is damaged and brittle.
  • Heat (Red light) - Setting for regular use of the straightening iron. The plates are ceramic so when used, it straightens the hair while still hydrating and less damaging than regular straighteners.
  • Ultrasonic (Purple light)- This feature you want to use on dry hair, but it combines both plates for ceramic and ultrasonic use. 

 The plates heat up to 400 degrees however there is no way to control the level of heat which is something that I particularly like with my heating tools.  The feel in my hand was good, it isn't too heavy and the grip is definitely good to where I don't feel like it will slip out of my hand. 
I tried it on all three settings and liked the Ceramic/Ultrasonic setting best. It didn't work that well on my hair wet and I felt like it didn't pull smoothly through my hair.

My end thought on it is that overall its a straightener that will do the job but wouldn't be something I would purchase or recommend as my top favorite. I feel like I can purchase one around the same price range that will have the features I like and work better while going through my hair.
 You can find it at Walmart here for $35.97 and even better on here  for around $14.99
If you have tried this please comment on my blog !!

L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream

I picked up this new B.B. cream from L'oreal recently and decided to give it a go. I bought mine at Walmart for $7.99.
 Since the only other B.B. cream I've ever tried is the Garnier one, I expected it to be very similar. It was not :)
First off the tube it comes in has a very small, fine dispenser which takes a little getting used to but definitely helps in not wasting any product. 

Second the actual product itself is a light whitish, almost lavender color. That put me off at first because I thought I had to shake it up a bit to get the color going. What I didn't know (and I should have read the back of the tube) is that its has encapsulated beautifying beads that once rubbed into the skin, releases the pigment in light lotion. Ok that made sense. Well when I actually started blending it felt like I was using a very fine face scrub! 

That took some getting used to for sure. Applying it was a challenge because I felt like I couldn't really see clearly where it was covering, and so on my first few tries I noticed when I was out in the sunlight that I had missed a few spots.The coverage was good when I finally got it right, but in general just a very light coverage. It wasn't oily and it gave a nice dewy glow to my skin. My overall thoughts is good coverage but hard to apply and feeling like I am using a scrub while putting on my B.B. cream doesn't really do it for me.
If you have tried this let me know! 
Watch my YouTube review here and leave me some comments.

Nuvosa Skin Care
As I age, I realize how the products that used to make me break out as a teenager can now react differently on my skin. The past year or two I've been more adventurous in trying new things and this time it was no different with Nuvosa Skin Care Line. I wasn't aware of Nuvosa until about two weeks ago.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try it out and for those of you who have not heard of it either I will run down exactly what each product is and what is in it and also give my opinion on what it did for me.

Nuvosa is an anti-aging skin care line whose products contain no fillers, parabens, propylene glycol, lanolin, alcohol, artificial fragrances or colors. Each product is anywhere from 91-95% organic, and are NOT tested on animals. This is how the products come packaged. I was struck by the beautiful black sturdy box they came in. 
 It also came with a VIP card to CLUB NUVOSA
The club doesn't cost anything to join and the benefits include:
~ Automatic replenishment program
~  Reward points towards future purchases
~ Locking in prices and availability
~ Free shipping to anywhere in the US
~ Members Only Q & A section
~ Special Offers, exclusive discounts and giveaways
For starters comes the Flawless Age Protection Toner.     

This toner key ingredients are:
Organic Aloe vera Extract
Organic Bilberry Extract
Organic Sugar Cane & Sugar Maple Extract
Organic Orange Extract
Organic Lemon Extract
Organic Cranberry Extract
Black Willowbark
Tea Tree Oil
All of these help the look and appearance of your skin and help it to retain moisture and elasticity. This toner leaves my skin feeling smooth, moisturized and soft like a baby's skin!

 What I loved most was the easy push pump dispenser. With this there is no waste!
Next is the Reborn Wrinkle Shield Moisturizer

I am in love with this moisturizer. I first noticed the fresh scent it has and a great consistency. It made my skin feel so soft and silky and didn't make me break out at all. 
This moisturizer contains:
Hyluronic Acid
Organic Aloe Vera Extract
Organic Bilberry Extract
Organic Black Willowbark Extract
Organic Shea Butter
Organic Jojoba Oil
Organic Roobios Tea
Organic Green Tea
Organic White Tea
Vitamin E

Love the way this dispenses as well!
Lastly is the Deep Wrinkle Remedy Serum

The ingredients are :
Hyaluronic Acid
Coenzyme Q10
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Vitamin B3
Pro-Vitamin B5
Vitamin C Ester
Vitamin A
Pro-Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Organic Aloe Vera
Organic Bilberry Extract
Organic Sugar Cane & Sugar Maple Extract
Organic Orange Extract
Organic Lemon Extract
Organic Cranberry
This made my skin feel soft and tight yet not dry and brittle. I noticed the difference in my fine lines and wrinkles within the first few applications.

Again this dispenser is a life saver! It completely allows just what you need to come out and not extra wasted product. This detail sets Nuvosa apart in my book and really impressed me.
My final impression is that I have nothing but praise for these products. After two weeks of trying them out my skin is smooth, radiant and glowing. Most importantly I didn't break out at all from these products. 
Bottom line:  I highly recommend these especially if you are at the point in life where you are conscious to help prevent and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Check out their website at  : for more in depth details on all the products, prices, and their VIP program
Here is my video review on my YouTube Channel

~Checita Handbags –Argentinian Perfection~

Like pretty much every other woman I love handbags, and am always looking out for new and interesting designers. Last week I came across the Checita handbag line from Argentina. Crafted with a simple elegance and all made with high quality Argentine leather, these bags are sure to catch more than an eye or two. Influenced from the love of shopping and from travels throughout the world, all the bags are made right in Buenos Aires. The line consists of various styles of bags from satchels, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, and wallets, each with their own unique look, feel and functionality. I love the color of the leathers that they used, all being warm tones of chocolate, black and tan. The best part about these bags is that they are made to function in everyday life and not just simply look like a pretty adornment on the shoulder.  We all know that we carry more than just a phone and wallet in our bags so having compartments for organizing all of your belongings is vital. Each bag has at least two or more pockets inside and out to help keep everything in its place. All are accented with antiqued brass hardware and the crossbody bags all have adjustable straps so you can either choose to cross it or not.
Prices are reasonable and most definitely worth the quality you are getting. With all of these details combined you can be sure you are getting a bag that will last you throughout the years to come, and there is nothing like a beautifully worn leather handbag.  
Some of my favorite styles are :

~Flores wallet~



Check out the official website and see all the Argentine beauty for yourself!

Dreamlengths Seamless Clip in Extension Review

Since forever I have wanted long hair. My hair grows incredibly slow and tends to be very fine. I had bought clip in extensions about 10 years ago at least and I remember how uncomfortable they were. About six months ago I had tape weft extensions which were great but at the same time when I took them out, they left my hair extremely thin. The longing for long hair however did not cease. Enter Dreamlengths Clip in Extensions. I can honestly do nothing but rave about them. 
First off I don't dye my hair so it is a mixture of dirty blond and lighter blonde bleached out from the sun. Since any color can be customized to fit your hair color needs, all I did was send a picture of my current hair color and they sent a whole set that was a mixture of two colors so that I could blend my hair perfectly!  When I first opened the package I was first struck by the quality of the hair. I can tell just by touching it whether it is good or not. The appearance was silky and shiny and after getting home from a long day of work I couldn't even stop myself from trying them out. Within less than 10 minutes I had beautiful long hair that blended so naturally with my own hair and not only that, but after putting in quite a few wefts you couldn't see them at all! That was one worry for me because of all the hair I had lost from my previous extensions.  These are seamless with each strand hand tied to a polyurethane strip that allows them to lie flat and seamlessly into your own hair with absolutely no bumps.

Next was to try them out for the two weeks. I straightened them, curled them, styled them, washed them, put them up and down and all around and they were simply amazing. I can't even tell you how many people asked how long it took me to grow my hair and when I would tell them they were clip ins they couldn't believe it. 
I am floored at not only how well they match my own hair color, but also how they feel in the head. They don’t make my head feel heavy or give me headaches like my old clip ins used to.
They have an assortment of colors on their site to choose from and can also customize and mix colors to match your hair. The two color shades I have are #18 Dark Blonde and #24 Pale Golden blonde. They are 160g and 20 inches long.
Price wise they are very affordable and competitive to the other clip in extensions that are on the market. Check out their site and order yourself a set! I promise you, you will not be disappointed and you will feel like a million dollars with your new head of hair that will make everyone jealous.  
Check out the official website at :
My review on my YouTube Channel is here 

Hot Gold Professional Spring Curling Iron

I'll be honest. I'm not one to spend a fortune on hair appliances. I recently had replaced my curling iron only to find that it broke only about 2 months later. At a recent trip to TJ Maxx I came across this Hot Gold Professional spring curling iron and thought I would give it a try.

This curling iron has a a 24k gold plated 1 1/4 inch barrel with a cool tip and a rubber coated safety stand. 
It can heat from 200 - 500F degrees and like none other I have ever tried has a separate dial for the temperature.  It also has a cool tip.

I've given it a fair shot this week and I have to say its pretty darn amazing. I've never bought a heat appliance at a place like T\J Maxx but I have to say that after trying this one that I will be looking there first from now on when needing to replace or purchase one. It glides through my hair perfectly with no pulling and the tong lever works and glides like butter. The best thing about this curling iron is that it was only $14.99!! I would have paid at least double that at a beauty supply store. 
I highly recommend this brand and definitely recommend trying out your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls for your next hair appliance!

CLEAR Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy

A few weeks ago I put up a blog about the new haircare line "Clear". Well I gave it a good try and reviewed it here on my YouTube channel. Check it out and please leave comments if you have tried this product!

Here is the link to the official website :

Remington Keratin Therapy Blow Dryer Review
 I picked this up at Target last week and was actually surprised when I spotted it on the end of an aisle instead of where all the other blow dryers were. I guess I hadn't thought about Remington making a dryer to go along with their line of Keratin therapy products, but I was definitely happy to pick one up! 

I love the sleek design and color of the outside. This baby puts out 1875 Watts.
The back has a convenient flip open filter to clean out any lint
Equipped with a cool shot, three heat settings and two fan settings

 Here is the nozzle which is infuse with Keratin so that when you are drying it goes through the heat flow and into your hair. 
Overall I love this dryer. It feels great in the hand, isn't too heavy and definitely does the job well. I guess only time will tell if the "Keratin Therapy" really works.
If you have tried this let me know and leave comments either on the blog or watch the Youtube review and leave them there!!    

Link to purchase at Target :


L'oreal Sublime Bronze 
ProPerfect Salon Airbrush 
Self-tanning Mist Review
Despite loving the Banana Boat self tanner,I knew I had to try the L'oreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush mist especially when I found it in Target with a $1.00 off coupon attached! This comes in a medium natural tan shade.
I was even more excited when I noticed a few things listed on the can. First was the "no streaks, no self tan smell" claim at the top, and then there was the "no rub- quick dry fresh citrus scent" at the bottom.
At first spray I was pleasantly surprised at the smell. It wasn't so much of a citrus smell as it was a baby powder like fresh smell. It took me a bit to get used to not rubbing the mist into my skin and I loved how quickly it dried, even faster than the Banana Boat had. I gave a it a fair shot and used it a good three to four times before I gave my final opinion. That said, I noticed after the first application that the "self tan smell" did in fact come into play the next morning. I guess its just something they can't get out of the self tanners but it definitely had that distinct smell. Second was that after going out into the actual bright daylight I noticed spots on my legs and arms where I had missed. That didn't make me happy at all and I realized that while not having to rub it in makes less of a mess, it also doesn't give a complete smooth application. 
My final conclusion is, if you can get the spray extremely even, this product could possibly do a very good job.I would prefer to stick with the Banana Boat however seeing as it delivered much better on the application and had pretty much the same exact result as far as fragrance.
Check it out and if you have tried it let me know! Leave a comment on here or go to my YouTube review and leave one there.

Sheer Blonde Shampoo & L'oreal Conditioner Review
My Hair Care Routine

While I had my extensions in, I used baby shampoo on my hair since it was the least harsh of shampoos to use. Now that my hair is all me and I'm contemplating going lighter, I decided to try the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo.

 I don't dye my hair and haven't for probably over 5 years now so I'm completely 100% natural dirty blond. My ends are lighter due to going out in the sun, and my hair lightens up immediately when I let the rays hit them in any which way. 
It said it gradually lightens, so I thought what could it hurt?
I started noticing a difference probably within 2-3 shampoos. It's not a drastic change but definitely brings out my natural highlights and lightens them up a bit. It actually makes your hair feel really soft and manageable as well as smells amazing. 

Now as far as conditioners, I had a hard time finding a really good one that didn't leave the hair feeling dry and tangled. Typically I can tell right away from a conditioner the second I put it in my hair if it will be good or not. I came across the L'oreal EverSleek Conditioner and was in love.
Not only did it smell good, detangle my mess, but it left my hair smooth and shiny. Even better is that it contains no sulfates or heavy silicones. It contains Argan, Sunflower, and and Olive Oils, and maintains up to 48 hour frizz control. Even though I know a good thing when I try it, last week I ran out of the EverSleek, and decided to give the EverCreme Intense Nourishing Conditioner a go.
Since my hair is so damaged though from the extensions I thought I needed something with a little repair help.This one is more of a Sulfate free Moisture system, and still smells amazing (more cocoa butter smell). It leaves my hair feeling the same as the EverSleek, however I don't think it leaves my hair quite as shiny and smooth.  It's infused with Omega 3 & 6, contains no parabens, heavy waxes and for you Vegans out there is 100% all you :)
Here is my YouTube review.....

Banana Boat Summer Color 
Self Tanning Mist Review
Here is my review for a self tanning product I picked up about two weeks ago. So far I'm loving it and it continues to give me a wonderful golden glow. So inexpensive as well, it was only $6.47 at Walmart.

Remington Keratin Therapy Flat Iron
I've been on this Keratin kick lately and not too long after purchasing the keratin therapy curling wand, I thought I would give the flat iron a go.
Here are some of the specs:
~ 1 inch floating ceramic plates infused with Keratin
~ 450F High heat
~ Heat Censor
~ 30 second heat up
~ Auto Shut off ( after 60 min)
~ Digital control

Check out the Remington official site here:

And for my own personal review, check out my YouTube Channel....

Remington Keratin Therapy Curling Wand

After I spotted the Suave Keratin infused Dry Shampoo, I noticed on the same display this Keratin Therapy curling wand. I had actually been wanting a big barreled curling iron and this was perfect because it is 1 1/2 inches, plus its ceramic which is definitely a plus.
I had never tried anything with keratin before so was interested to see if I would see a difference in the curling results. 

First thing I noticed after taking it out of the box is the handle is made out of the same type of plastic as the other Remington wand I reviewed however it isn't as slippery.  The barrel too isn't as slick as the other which is a big plus. As you can see on the side it has the power button, then a turn dial for the temperature gauge. It heats up to 400 degrees and does so very quickly(they say 30 seconds). There is a small blue little light that blinks until it is heated and then stays solid. One thing I forgot to mention in my video review is that it does have a automatic shut off after 60 minutes which is always safe and convenient in times of rushing! Lastly, it comes with a small black glove as well to avoid burning those fingertips.
Curling performance wise, I love how it gives me looser waves compared to my other wand. It makes curling a bit quicker when I have less time to do my hair.  As for the Keratin Therapy part, it says its infused into the barrel and I do actually notice that my hair is shiner after curling. My only downfall with this wand is that there is no LCD screen or even numbers to tell what temperature you are at. According to the description it has 30 different settings but there is no way to tell!  I don't always like to use the hottest temperature so that I can avoid damaging my hair so some sort of gauge definitely comes in hand. 
Overall though I think it does a great job of curling, has high temp which is great and definitely feels better in the hand compared to the ones before. 
I found mine at Target for $29.99, however I can't find it on Target online so here is the link for the Remington site:
Check it out here and let me know if you end up trying it out!

Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo

This Suave Keratin Infused Dry Shampoo is the third I have ever tried. The first two were the Suave Professionals as well as TRESemme' Dry shampoo and I have to say that this one beats them both out. 
First off, it has a great scent which of course is very important. The Suave Professionals had a citrus smell, and the TRESemme' had a hairspray smell, where as this just has that right amount of a slight powdery smell with a hint of perfume aroma. 
Performance wise it is much more like the results I get with baby powder. You can see this spray out with a slight white appearance and it tends to absorb the oil quicker and the longevity is greater than the others. I notice the added volume right away, and even after two days of use my hair still remained non greasy. 
Check out my video review here:

Try it out, and if you do let me know what you thought! I bought mine at Target for $3.99

E.L.F Haul/Review

Here is my haul on some great, inexpensive makeup by Eyes, Lips & Face. Please subscribe and of course comment if you have any of these items or try any!

Rose Hip Seed Oil Review
Natural Remedy for Wrinkles

Here is my review on a product I discovered about a year and a half ago that works wonders on your under eye wrinkles as as using it for acne, eczema, dermatitis, scars and more. Tell me if you try it!

tags: rose hip seed oil, wrinkles, under eye, acne, eczema, dermatitis, scars , thevibenowvlog

imPRESS Press on Manicure Review

Check out my review on the new press on manicure by Broadway nails. Tell me what you think about them if you have them!

tags: nails, press on, artificial, Broadway, patterns, solids, thevibenowvlog

Suave Dry Shampoo Review

Suave's Dry Shampoo definitely holds it own in a line that is known for expensive competitors.  I decided to give Suave a chance and took it for a test run for the day. Watch my video as I apply it.

After going the whole day through, I can tell you that it definitely kept the roots of my hair from appearing oily and feeling greasy. Not only that, but it gave my roots a lift and added texture. Only a few bucks at your local Walmart, it's definitely worth a try. 

Walmart doesn't have it on their site but you can find it below at Target

Conair Infiniti IPro Clipless Curler


This is a great curling wand, or should I say "clipless curler".  That's what Conair says on their box and so we'll go with it.
I picked this up at Target for $34.99, and have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and sturdiness of the product. Compared to some of the other wands I have tried, this definitely gave not only a better performance, but was also much more user friendly. 
The barrel is 1-1 1/2 inches and is tourmaline, ceramic coated for frizz-free hair.It heats up in 30 seconds, has four heat settings that go up to 400 degrees,  and the tip is cool to the touch. It also comes with a three finger glove to keep those fingertips safe from the heat.
Performance wise, the curler does the job and holds the curl nicely whether you are doing loose waves or tighter spirals.
Check out my video review below.

Find it at Target online here

Find it on Amazon here:

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand

I curl my hair probably every other day. I don't like the super tight curls, but ,more of a wavy type curl. You know, those a little bit more than a sexy beach wave kinda curls? I decided to give the Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand a go.  I had never used a curling wand before so I was anxious to see what the fuss was all about. While it didn't disappoint, it didn't really wow me either. I mean it definitely got as hot as the 410 degrees that it said it was, and it definitely gave me some loose waves. I bought the larger one with the 1-1 1/2" barrel, but it wasn't the curling part that let me down. It was the feel of it in my hand. 
Now I'm not gonna say "cheap", but it was the texture of the plastic that left me feeling like it could slip out of my hand at any moment and burn my fingers to an oblivion. (ok yes that's an exaggeration but you get my drift)  I typically use my regular curling iron without using the clamp, so I'm used to watching my fingertips, but this just made me a little uneasy at times due to the slickness of the plastic.
Anyway, overall for the $24.99 that I paid at Target for it, I say it did its job. Whether I would say its one of the better "lower priced" curling wands out there, I would say no. Pretty to look at , but not so great to the touch.
Check out my full video review here and please subscribe to our channel!!!

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iPhone 4S Review

Here is some more info and specs on the iPhone 4S:

~  It has a dual core A5 CPU, which is the same as the Ipad 2

~ Improved antenna design and an internal radio that allows the phone to perform both on GSM and CDMA networks

~There is the new IOS 5, which includes the iCloud feature which syncs all of your photos, videos, contacts, email and calendar to all of your devices. The only drawback is that only the first 5GB are free. After that you have to pay for anything more, which ranges from $20 a year, to a $100 a year. 
~ Then there is the genius voice activated "personal assistant" type feature of Siri.
Siri can schedule appointments, send texts, find places to eat, and a lot more. The possibilities are almost endless.

~It also now has a new messaging system called iMessage. Similar to the BBM, it is unique that it works between all the devices (Ipad, Itouch, Iphone).  The service is free and it works with both 3g and Wi-Fi connections. It not only sends texts, but also videos, photos, contacts, and locations. You can see when someone has read your message and when they are typing something back to you. 

~ The screen is 960x640 retina display, one of the crispest screen out there, and its brighter and whiter than the Iphone 4

~ The camera is 8 pixel sensor, with the ability to crop, rotate and has red eye reduction along with image stabilization. The video feature has the ability to capture 1080p video. 

~ The battery life is about an hour longer than the Iphone 4

Bottom line, even with the same exact exterior, the new features alone make it a worth while upgrade. 

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