Sunday, December 13, 2015

Embellished Earmuffs Inspired by... Scream Queen's Chanel #3

For those of you who watch Scream Queens on Fox, you will guess right away what this tutorial is about. For those who don't watch then this tutorial is perfect if you are wanting a unique and fun accessory that is a bit out of the norm.
No longer are earmuffs just for the cold. These can be worn to accessorize any outfit and the best part is you can customize them yourself for under $10.

I found the earmuffs themselves at a local dollar store called Daiso. These ran for a $1.50 and came in different colors. You can find some simple inexpensive earmuffs on as well.
Next was the decorating. For the first pair on the left I used materials I had lying around in my craft box and for the top of the headband I used a hair headband that I hadn't been using at all.
For the other two I purchased some statement necklace parts at Michaels and for the pink pair purchased an inexpensive gold and rhinestone headband at a store in the mall.

The great thing about this project is that you can use anything from necklaces and earrings you aren't wearing anymore. The sky is the limit really, you just need to think outside the box as far as the different things you can use.
Check out my YouTube tutorial on how easy it is to create these.

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  1. Great post! I came across a video by Karen Kavett on YT and got introduced to this idea. While hunting for photos of inspiration, I found your lovely blog! I haven't seen this show (yet!) but their fashion seems so adorable!! I live in Louisiana, and wearing earmuffs may not be too practice...however I did find a pair of HEADPHONE earmuffs that I ordered from Ebay to dazzle up. Now I have an excuse to use them always Lol Thanks for the tips!