Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY T-shirt Bag - No Sew!

I realize this DIY would have been perfect for the beginning of the summer. Believe me I had every intention of doing that! However circumstances prolonged this diy and so without further ado here it is :)  It doesn't involve any sewing which is a plus for something quick and easy. Plus it's kind of one of those laid back type of looks for a bag which is always good to have!
What you will need:

~ Tshirt ( I cannot find the picture I took! You can use any tshirt really with any neckline. Just make sure it's not too small for a bag size) I did find the t-shirt at Michael's on sale for only $3.00

Beads with larger holes 
( you will need them bigger to fit the fabric through)
These are from Jo Ann's around $2.99 a piece (I didn't even use all of them)
 Scissors & Measuring tape

Here is the finished product

Here is one I made with no beads

This is the first one I tried. I think it's cute with a graphic tee

Check out my Youtube Tutorial for this DIY here:

Leave a comment or take a pic and hashtag #discoveringamy if you end up making one! I want to see your creations :) 

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