Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nailhur - Reusable Manicures!

Happy Holidays ! I know I have been MIA again for a bit, but things have just been so busy lately that I haven't had any time to do videos or blog posts.
My posts usually come when I find items or products that I truly love  and this product I'm writing about today is truly a gem !

 I've been wearing artificial nails for a few years now, both from the salon and ones I apply myself. Most of the brands that I've tried are only good for one wear which is typically around 5-7 days in duration . Well what if you could have nails that you could reapply whenever you want?
Enter Nailhur! Yes, these babies are reusable. This was something that I personally have never run across in my search for the perfect nails.
Nailhur sets come with 24 nails in 12 different sizes that are all numbered to match up for a quick and easy application. I literally applied these nails in less than 10 minutes!
Here are just some of the pros:
  • Each nail is numbered
  • The thickness of the nail is perfect, not too chunky and not too thin
  • The shape of the nail hugs your own nail perfectly
  • No chipping
  • They come in square, oval, and stiletto shape
  • You can file them to your preferred length
  • Very durable
  • Each set comes with nail glue that is strong and HQ free, as well as a file
One of the main things that I love, is that they stay on very securely and for a good length of time. I tested these out thoroughly by doing heavy cleaning and dish washing and I even took a bath and they were still in tact. I think most people think that artificial nails just pop off randomly and that they aren't very durable, however that's not the case with Nailhur nails. I would say the trick is in the amount of glue that you use, because too little will of course cause them to come off easier, but a good amount allows the nail to feel secure and really just like your own nails.
Here is a picture of the nails after a week and a half of wear. I'm wearing the set "Spellbound"

With the set having various sizes, it is a win win to have a perfect fit no matter what shape your nail bed might be.
After all of the activity I was doing I can honestly say that only a few of the nails needed reapplying, which in my experience is pretty darn amazing. Another thing that I would experience with the other brands of nails would be them possibly splitting down the middle or chipping/tearing on the sides. These nails held up like champs! Not only were there no chips, but absolutely no tearing or splitting.
Another thing I noticed was the condition of my own nails when one would come off. Typically my nails would be left with a ton of dried glue on them and they would feel very weak and thin.
This was not the case with these nails. In fact I noticed my own nails continued to grow and felt strong and healthy. Removal was very easy with just simply soaking them in some warm water before gently prying them off.
Again, the greatest thing about them is that after removing them I can say without a doubt that these can be reapplied for another wear if not more.
They do have various shapes to choose from, and a TON of different designs. With accent nails being all the rage now, they are definitely on that trend with some sets that have multiple accent nails to sport.
So my vote is in 100% for Nailhur. It would be very hard to go back to another brand after this.
Here are two more styles that I bought and am super excited to wear.
 "Uber Chic"
A square shape set that has adorable black & white polka dots.

"Lucky Eye"
This set has the oval shape and is perfect if you want a bling bling look for a night on the town or just because. The black nails and printed nails are a matte finish, which looks absolutely flawless. The accent nails have sparkling rhinestones that will be sure to catch and eye or two :)

I highly recommend these not only for first time users of artificial nails, but also for the pros out there. For all of the money and time you spend at the nail salon, you could be out having fun showing these off.

Check out Nailhur's website HERE and take advantage of this limited time offer to get 40% off your order by entering the code NAILHUR40. They ship worldwide!


  1. Hi, what nail shape did you get? Are you sponsored?

  2. Hi Jessica. I have tried all of their nail shapes and no I'm not sponsored :)

  3. Thanks for the review! I had been wanting to try them


  4. I found that the nail glue did something weird to the skin on the tip of my finger.... When I wore them for a longer time it dried out the skin and made it appear as tho I had fungus! It numbed that portion of skin and it looked really unappealing... This never happens when I use regular nail glue and was wondering if you noticed anything similar? It occurred after I wore them on the 3rd round.

  5. Hi there! No I've never encountered that with the glue. I find Nailhur glue to be the best and I have tried them all. It's maybe possible that if you were using any chemicals say for cleaning that it could alter the appearance.

  6. I had such a different experience. Mine were falling off all over the place, the paint was chipped off of one after 3 hours and they ripped my nails and left ridges. I wonder what I did wrong....?

  7. I had such a different experience. Mine were falling off all over the place, the paint was chipped off of one after 3 hours and they ripped my nails and left ridges. I wonder what I did wrong....?

  8. How do you get excess glue off the nail after taking off the nails. Thank you :)