Monday, April 14, 2014

Loft Makeover - The "after"

Yes I know this is a week late and I apologize! I ended up hustling to get the room together because my brother was coming to visit for the week. After he arrived I got caught up in all the activities and decided to film the "after" when he left. So here it is! 

Most everything in the room came from Target, and let me tell you that I found some deals. 
Starting with the bed, I decided to angle it diagonally to give the room a different feel. I found this super soft and comfy comforter that is black on one side and grey on the other.
It's a twin size because since I don't have a box spring under the mattress, a full size was way too large. Only $19.99!!  
Link here: Room Essentials Comforter
For sheets I found a microfiber set in this gorgeous coral color. They are so soft! Since I don't use the top flat sheet, I cut it up and used it to cover one of my Euro size pillows. Click here for the tutorial I did a few years ago on this pillow. It's so easy! I then added a black accent pillow and the silver sequin one I originally had on my bed. I thought it looked better here :)

Next were the curtains. I didn't want anything too heavy or dark, and as luck would have it I had a set of sheer black curtains from a previous house. 
I believe I got them at Target a few years ago as a set for around $10-12. I didn't want to put holes in the wall so I opted for cafe spring rods which work perfectly. 
Next to the bed I put a simple black lamp with this beautiful black and white lace shade that I found on clearance at Target. $3.98 guys! Can you believe it? I put it on this simple pedestal that I had in my hallway.
Here's the link for the lamp: Room Essentials Column Lamp Base $16.99

In the corner I put this simple IKEA like bookcase with an orchid to accent the room and some books and other decorative piece.


Lastly was the large blank wall next to the bookcase. I had found yet another amazing find at Target. This beautiful gold starburst mirror set was only $7.98! I'm not sure why because it is on the website for $24.99, but I'm not complaining!

Link to the mirror set here: Threshold Starburst Mirror - 3 pieces $24.99

After bringing the mirrors up I decided that it needed a little something more. Since I had a few sheets left over of the IKEA wall decals, I arranged them as if they were coming down from the ceiling and suspended on the wall. I think it adds a perfect touch of dainty cuteness and pairs perfectly with the mirrors.
Link to the decals here: SLATTHULT Decorative Stickers - $12.99

And that's it!  I love the simplicity of everything and how the coral, black and grey make it slightly masculine but with a feminine side as well. I might add one or two more things like something else on the wall above the bed, and possible a small desk so I could make it my office. I'll keep you posted on any changes! 

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