Sunday, August 18, 2013

~ Update ~ Beautycon & New Channel name!

Hey guys! So after a lot of thought I have decided to change my channel & blog name.
If you watched a previous video where I explain how I started my channel and blog and where the name came from then you might already know some of the story. If you haven't watched it then check it out here:

All that to say, I will be announcing/launching a new channel and blog name VERY soon! 
This new name just feels right and like it fits me personally and what I do here on my blog and Youtube channel. 

Secondly, I will be attending Beautycon here in Los Angeles this coming week! I'm super excited having never been nor having been to any real sort of vlogger event. If you are going please leave me a comment here or on my video or my other social sites. Of course I'm no one big or anything but I would love to say hi!

Stay tuned for exciting changes to come, and thanks for hanging with me to begin with!

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