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  1. You are too cute. I love your style and energy. I saw your question on you tube and figured I would answer it for you..
    The number 31 is a special number. 3+1 = 4
    which is a master number. I see 44 all the time it was my high school jersey number and it folllows me but more about you. i will tell you 31 in itself means you are always want more that little extra in your life.You are a perferctionist and it comes easy to you. When you go out to eat you order something you always have to have something on the your personal life its the always havea back up plan ,maybe two or three , you are always three steps ahead of most people in your thinking and find it hard to sleep at night. three days of the week are very productive in your life but one is always a mess. you like to expand your mind and will try anything once. I could keep going... but i wil stop here....jonathan