Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dreamlengths Extension Review

Since forever I have wanted long hair. My hair grows incredibly slow and tends to be very fine. I had bought clip in extensions about 10 years ago at least and I remember how uncomfortable they were. About six months ago I had tape weft extensions which were great but at the same time when I took them out, they left my hair extremely thin. The longing for long hair however did not cease. Enter Dreamlengths Clip in Extensions. I can honestly do nothing but rave about them.
First off I don't dye my hair so it is a mixture of dirty blond and lighter blonde bleached out from the sun. Since any color can be customized to fit your hair color needs, all I did was send a picture of my current hair color and they sent a whole set that was a mixture of two colors so that I could blend my hair perfectly!  When I first opened the package I was first struck by the quality of the hair. I can tell just by touching it whether it is good or not. The appearance was silky and shiny and after getting home from a long day of work I couldn't even stop myself from trying them out. Within less than 10 minutes I had beautiful long hair that blended so naturally with my own hair and not only that, but after putting in quite a few wefts you couldn't see them at all! That was one worry for me because of all the hair I had lost from my previous extensions.  These are seamless with each strand hand tied to a polyurethane strip that allows them to lie flat and seamlessly into your own hair with absolutely no bumps.

Next was to try them out for the two weeks. I straightened them, curled them, styled them, washed them, put them up and down and all around and they were simply amazing. I can't even tell you how many people asked how long it took me to grow my hair and when I would tell them they were clip ins they couldn't believe it. 
I am floored at not only how well they match my own hair color, but also how they feel in the head. They don’t make my head feel heavy or give me headaches like my old clip ins used to.
They have an assortment of colors on their site to choose from and can also customize and mix colors to match your hair. The two color shades I have are #18 Dark Blonde and #24 Pale Golden blonde. They are 160g and 20 inches long.
Price wise they are very affordable and competitive to the other clip in extensions that are on the market. Check out their site and order yourself a set! I promise you, you will not be disappointed and you will feel like a million dollars with your new head of hair that will make everyone jealous.  
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