Tuesday, August 28, 2012


~Checita Handbags –Argentinian Perfection~

Like pretty much every other woman I love handbags, and am always looking out for new and interesting designers. Last week I came across the Checita handbag line from Argentina. Crafted with a simple elegance and all made with high quality Argentine leather, these bags are sure to catch more than an eye or two. Influenced from the love of shopping and from travels throughout the world, all the bags are made right in Buenos Aires. The line consists of various styles of bags from satchels, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, and wallets, each with their own unique look, feel and functionality. I love the color of the leathers that they used, all being warm tones of chocolate, black and tan. The best part about these bags is that they are made to function in everyday life and not just simply look like a pretty adornment on the shoulder.  We all know that we carry more than just a phone and wallet in our bags so having compartments for organizing all of your belongings is vital. Each bag has at least two or more pockets inside and out to help keep everything in its place. All are accented with antiqued brass hardware and the crossbody bags all have adjustable straps so you can either choose to cross it or not.
Prices are reasonable and most definitely worth the quality you are getting. With all of these details combined you can be sure you are getting a bag that will last you throughout the years to come, and there is nothing like a beautifully worn leather handbag.  
Some of my favorite styles are :

~Flores wallet~


Check out the official website and see all the Argentine beauty for yourself!

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