Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nail Polish Haul/Review

I recently picked up some new nail polishes at the drugstore, and wanted to show you and give you my honest review of their consistency and longevity. First I grabbed two of the new Colorstay polishes by Revlon. CVS had a "buy one get one 50% off ", plus I had seen a few girls on YouTube review them so wanted to give them a try. One is in the shade "Buttercup" 100, and the other is "Bare Bones" 300. They run about $7.99 a piece depending where you purchase them. 
My first impression when I put "Buttercup"on with the first coat was that it was very thin. I knew right away obviously that it would require another coat. After the second one, I noticed it streaked and showed through on some spots which as we all know is annoying. Once I saw that I didn't even bother keeping it on to see how long it would last before chipping. In fact I ended up returning this one the very next day.  So on to the next one!
"Bare Bones"
Ok so, first impression of "Bare Bones" was the same as the previous one, but once I got to the second coat I was much more pleased. Over all it gave good coverage and had a good shine. I had it on for about 4 days before I started noticing the slight chipping. To be honest for the price even though I did get it on sale, it just isn't that great compared to its cheaper counterparts.                    
The other three I found at Rite-Aid. These seem to be a new line from Wet n Wild, which is a brand I had never tried nail polishes with before. At first glance I noticed they looked somewhat similar to Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes. Upon opening the top I noticed too they had the similar wide brushes, which they call "ManiCurve Pro Brush". I actually prefer these and think they make the application much easier. What I was delighted to see was the Spring like colors they had and of course the price! Theses were only $1.99, so I figured what could I have to lose? The three colors I picked up are: "Candy-licious" 209C, "I need a Refresh-Mint" 218A, "On A Trip", 213C.
The first one I tried was "Candy-licious" not only on my fingers but my toes as well. It has held up really well on my toes but seemed to have the normal wear and tear time on my fingers.

 Then I tried "Refresh-Mint" on both my fingers and toes again. I liked it more on my toes I will say, but I did like the very candy like color that almost made me want salt water taffy in a weird way lol. 
Then finally it was "On a Trip". I actually think I might like this one the best and I'm not even a purple person. I think because its a perfect shade of purple that's not light enough to be lavender, and not dark enough to be grape. 
Final review, I would say Wet N Wild surpasses Revlon by far. Better coverage and better pigment to the the color. Wear time however is short.  Even with a top coat they chipped pretty much after two days max. 
Try them out and tell me what you think!

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