Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Remington Keratin Therapy Clip Free Wand

After I spotted the Suave Keratin infused Dry Shampoo, I noticed on the same display this Keratin Therapy curling wand. I had actually been wanting a big barreled curling iron and this was perfect because it is 1 1/2 inches, plus its ceramic which is definitely a plus.
I had never tried anything with keratin before so was interested to see if I would see a difference in the curling results. 

First thing I noticed after taking it out of the box is the handle is made out of the same type of plastic as the other Remington wand I reviewed however it isn't as slippery.  The barrel too isn't as slick as the other which is a big plus. As you can see on the side it has the power button, then a turn dial for the temperature gauge. It heats up to 400 degrees and does so very quickly(they say 30 seconds). There is a small blue little light that blinks until it is heated and then stays solid. One thing I forgot to mention in my video review is that it does have a automatic shut off after 60 minutes which is always safe and convenient in times of rushing! Lastly, it comes with a small black glove as well to avoid burning those fingertips.
Curling performance wise, I love how it gives me looser waves compared to my other wand. It makes curling a bit quicker when I have less time to do my hair.  As for the Keratin Therapy part, it says its infused into the barrel and I do actually notice that my hair is shiner after curling. My only downfall with this wand is that there is no LCD screen or even numbers to tell what temperature you are at. According to the description it has 30 different settings but there is no way to tell!  I don't always like to use the hottest temperature so that I can avoid damaging my hair so some sort of gauge definitely comes in hand. 
Overall though I think it does a great job of curling, has high temp which is great and definitely feels better in the hand compared to the ones before. 
I found mine at Target for $29.99, however I can't find it on Target online so here is the link for the Remington site:
Check it out here and let me know if you end up trying it out!

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