Monday, February 24, 2014

Part Two - "Do it Myself Monday" Room Makeover Series

Welcome back to Part two of the Room Makeover Series! So first up is the closet reorganization project. If you watched my "before" video you know that the closet area was a hot mess. 
Now keep in mind my whole purpose to this series is to show that you can redecorate and organize on a very minimal budget. That said, I first went through my closet extensively and got rid of a TON. I then reorganized and decided what existing containers I could use and what I needed to purchase. The purchase list I can assure you is very small. Goes to show you that there are so many things you have in your house already that you can re purpose.
I decided first thing to purchase another dresser and to move each one to its own side. This really opened up the closet a lot. 

I went to IKEA and found the "Hopen" dresser which has glass front drawers. I loved the look of this. It was very reasonable too at only $99

I moved the existing dresser that was originally in the middle to my side. I removed the lower bar to do so which was very easy. The over the door hooks I was originally using to hold my purses now hangs over one drawer to display the current bag I'm using.
I purchased a basket at T.J. Maxx (top shelf) for $7.99 to house my purses. To the left I have my jackets, dresses and skirts. Below that I have a roller drawer cart to hold all my craft supplies.

On top of my dresser I have a vase to hold my sunglasses, a necklace display for my most used small necklaces, a bracelet display, my watches, and a wine glass I decorated to hold my small bracelets and a pair of fancy earrings.

Lastly is the center area which at the last minute I decided I wanted it to be my vanity area. I didn't really like the idea of using my desk as a vanity and having everything out in the open in the bedroom area.
The only problem was finding a desk or table the correct size. The area in front of the mirror is only 32 inches wide and I couldn't find anything that fit, plus I didn't really want to spend much more thant $20 anyway. On the day I was reorganizing and moving things around I happened to look at the table I have in my entry way. Would it fit? Only way to find out was to move it in. It didn't end up fitting with the straight edge to the wall, but it did fit with the curved end. The front now looked a little bare so I decided to spruce it up with some rhinestone embellishment.  I had also found these really cool decals at IKEA that you can use on mirrors or walls so I decided one at the top of the mirror added a nice touch.

From this angle you can see the corners on the rounded side were open. I had picked up these two plastic file holders at Target for a $1.00 each. Wouldn't you know they fit perfectly in each corner? I simply put a nail on the far side and hooked it through and then the other end rests perfectly on the vanity. Perfect to hold my makeup!
An IKEA vase for $1.99 with some Spring vase filler is perfect for my brushes. The cute "Dream" frame I picked up at Target for only $4.98. Next I had this set of different size cubes that typically you hang on the wall. I thought they were perfect to give a little height difference and dimension to the vanity. On top I places one of my previous bathrooms toothbrush holder to house my eyeliners and pencils, and then a cute mirrored jewelry box I had purchased over a year ago turned out to have the perfect sized drawers to hold my individual eyeshadows. 

To the left on the wall I hung this necklace holder I purchased at Michael's for $4.99. I have a few large necklaces that I think are really pretty to look at so it just fit perfectly.

The only two things I have left to finish is some sort of lighting for the vanity area so I can properly see my makeup, and then the vanity stool. It's an old thrift find that's falling apart and I'm not sure if I'm going to refinish it or just find something else.
So that concludes Part Two of this series.  Stay tuned for more and make sure you leave comments on here or on my Youtube videos of anything you would like to see or things you have done!

Watch Part Two here!

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