Saturday, May 4, 2013

Getting my Eyelash Extensions

I have to say I never thought I would try or have eyelash extensions. I occasionally use false eyelashes for special events but that's really where my mindset was for having "lashes" was big events. Boy was I wrong! 
I recently went down to Beverly Hills to the Eyelash Lab and had Yumi Youn beautify my lashes, and I am now hooked! I never realized how fuller and longer lashes can really enhance your eyes and your whole look. So much in fact there are days I don't even have to really wear any eye makeup which is amazing!


Eyelash extensions are supposed to last anywhere up to 4 weeks depending on how you care for them and also how they take to your particular skin/eye. After the initial application you can go in for fills to do maintenance upkeep.
She has various different lengths and curl types to choose from and she also offers other services in her salon such as brow shaping/waxing, hair care, skin care, and even permanent makeup.
She is such a sweetheart and a pleasure to chit chat with while you get your extensions put on.

Her salon is located right on Robertson in the beautiful and well known area of Beverly Hills. After your appointment you can walk to all the shops and eateries around the area and really make a day of it. 
Check out my Youtube video on my experience and make sure you check out Yumi's website, you can even make an appointment online!


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