Monday, May 13, 2013

Gatsby Inspired DIY Headband

So sorry this posting is so late. I have been swamped and I apologize for the delay. Ever since I saw the first Gatsby preview I got inspired by the fashion in it. I've always loved that time period and so I thought it would be fun to try my own 1920's style headband inspired by the movie.

I personally think that this is something you could wear to a prom, in a wedding, or a special event. I love being different from everyone else and I guarantee you this will make you a standout in a good way. Best of all it's really inexpensive to make and quite quick as well.
First you need a base for your headband. This one is sequined and I picked it up at Forever 21 I think last year for like $2.00. You can use pretty much any type of stretchy headband you might already have or you can make one with simple wide elastic.

Next I took this chiffon flower pin that I had bought for a different DIY but ended up never using it. The pin idea is great because you could actually end up interchanging it for different looks.

 These rhinestone embellishments came from the bead section of Michael's. They were on clearance for $2.99 but I think originally like $5.99

You will need a needle and thread. Because of it being stretchy, sewing is better than glue just so you can make sure it doesn't come off. 

These are some other options you could use for your headband. A feather clip or pin, clip or post earrings that you remove the back from, and simple rhinestones.

Check out my Youtube tutorial on how to put this look all together and let your imagination run wild making your very own!


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