Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Youtube Channel Announcement!

Hey everyone! So a few months ago I really started to think about my channel and the direction its going etc. I thought about what are some things it might be missing and I came up with a pretty obvious one. It's needs to be a bit more personal! I started the channel a year and a half ago and I realized that I don't even think that my subscribers/viewers know my name. That's pretty sad lol... 
Also I wanted to share the origin of the name "The Vibe Now" and how the channel actually got started.
I also decided to start another channel where I will post more vlog videos, collaboration videos with fellow Youtubers like Becky Jensen, and just more personal videos showing  bit more of who I am.
So check out this video to hear a little more about me and please head over to my other channel "Discovering Amy" and subscribe!

Thank you so much for coming to my blog and also checking out my videos. This truely is a huge pleasure and enjoyment for me and I really want to get to know more of you out there and interact.

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