Sunday, March 3, 2013

DIY - Dress Up a Lampshade!

In another one of my previous posts I showed you a pretty silver lampshade I found on clearance at Marshalls. While I loved the shape of the shade and the simplicity of the silver, I found myself daydreaming of how I could tie it in with my room d├ęcor a little better.
I'm absolutely in love with peacock feathers, and my room's color scheme came from the colors in the feather. I have different touches of feathers throughout the room and so I decided to add one more with this lampshade revamping idea.
If you are wanting to revamp either a new or old lampshade the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity flow and your imagination run wild!
Here are the items I picked up for this project.

Lampshade- Marshalls $10.00

One peacock feather- This is from ZGallerie for $1.95!
Also if you have Anna's Linen stores in your area they have them for $1.50. Most of the craft stores are double and even triple that.

 Rhinestone Charms from Michaels-  $3.99
(Bought two packs @ 40% off each)

Fabric Flower pin from Michaels- $2.99 w/ 40% off
(Bead Landing items were on sale that week:)

E6000 Glue $4.99 (needed to replace my old one) from Michaels- Scissors & Pliers

Here is the finished product on a lamp

Let me know if you try a project like this and take pics and post them on my Twitter and Instagram!

Check out my Youtube tutorial here

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