Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY- Dress Up Your Shoes!

In my previous post I showed you the shoes I bought at Ross at a discount due to the fact that one shoe had pen marks on the side.

After trying to get out the marks, I decided why not try and revamp the shoes with a little embellishment?
Off to Michael's I went and picked up these supplies.

Paper Flower accents $1.00

Self-stick rhinestones - $3.99

I found these when I passed by the bridal department and I have to say that I love them! I never thought about looking in that section before but these seem to be better faceted and I also like the different oval shape.

Of course my good ole E6000 glue. I'm going to need to replenish this soon!

Here is the finished product! I love how it totally changed the look with such little effort. I think it makes the shoes look a little more flirty and fun.

Check out the video tutorial here:

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