Monday, February 11, 2013

Finds of the Week

I wanted to share some amazing deals that I found this week at Marshall's, Ross, and Burlington Coat Factory. I don't know why I always find stuff when I'm not expecting it, but you won't hear me complaining! 
First was this gorgeous silver lampshade I found on clearance. I've had in the back of my mind to get a new shade for my desk lamp but always seem to over look them when I visit the stores. So pretty and chic. I'm planning on doing a cute DIY tutorial soon with this find :)

Lampshade $10.00 at Marshalls

Next were these adorable heels! I'm not one for animal prints at all, but when I tried these on I fell in love. Plus you can't go wrong with black and white! These look very classy. I think you can wear very simple and tailored clothes and then accessorize with your shoes and jewelry. Guess how much these were on clearance?

Heels- $10.00 at Marshalls

Look at the detail, they are completely covered in sequins!

Just to prove I'm not lying!!

This was definitely a day for finding shoes. A special someone I had along with me that day has an eye for picking out shoes. He found these for me, they are Jessica Simpson and simply stunning! They are a beige micro fiber material. I LOVE how high they are (I think 6 inch heels) 

Look at the platform! So unique. These are so comfortable as well, with a well cushioned insole. I love them because you can really wear them year round. 

The only thing was they had been damaged by someone marking one of the shoes with a pen. So we asked the manager for a discount. Hint: always ask for extra off when you find damaged items that you can fix. 
These were originally $40 dollar shoes. The manager ended up giving them to me for $25. Not bad at all! In this pic you can see I've tried to get the pen stain out with no luck... Well I have a solution you will be seeing very soon in an upcoming DIY!

Lastly were these adorable ankle boots I found at Burlington. Again so comfy and look great with jeans. 

Boots $14.99 at Burlington Coat Factory

Leave me some comments on where you find your best deals, I'd love to know! Till next time guys :)

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