Saturday, October 6, 2012

Revlon product review

Revlon Triple Action 
Ultrasonic Conditioning Ceramic Straightener     

Revlon was kind enough to send me this straightener to try out and review and when I opened the box I was impressed with the sleek design, color and feel to the product. This hair tool definitely brought some things to the table I never had considered when buying a straightener. For instance, I never thought about straightening my hair while it was still wet, and I definitely had never thought of the word "ultrasonic" when thinking about styling my hair. Now how does that work you might ask... Well first from this picture you can see that there are three settings. 

Each setting does as follows:
  • Ultrasonic Conditioning (Blue light) Use on wet hair with your leave in conditioner to achieve hair that is hydrated and shiny. Works well on hair that is damaged and brittle.
  • Heat (Red light) - Setting for regular use of the straightening iron. The plates are ceramic so when used, it straightens the hair while still hydrating and less damaging than regular straighteners.
  • Ultrasonic (Purple light)- This feature you want to use on dry hair, but it combines both plates for ceramic and ultrasonic use. 

 The plates heat up to 400 degrees however there is no way to control the level of heat which is something that I particularly like with my heating tools.  The feel in my hand was good, it isn't too heavy and the grip is definitely good to where I don't feel like it will slip out of my hand. 
I tried it on all three settings and liked the Ceramic/Ultrasonic setting best. It didn't work that well on my hair wet and I felt like it didn't pull smoothly through my hair.
My end thought on it is that overall its a straightener that will do the job but wouldn't be something I would purchase or recommend as my top favorite. I feel like I can purchase one around the same price range that will have the features I like and work better while going through my hair.
 You can find it at Walmart here for $35.97 and even better on here  for around $14.99
If you have tried this please comment on my blog !!

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