Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Shopping Finds

When it comes to shopping I am a bargain hunter. Sometimes I love shopping and sometimes I hate it though. Kind of all depends on the store and the crowd. I've discovered as I'm sure many have that you typically find the best deals when you aren't looking for them. If there comes a time when I need to get a specific item? Forget about it, I usually can't find it. Well today was a day I wasn't paticularly looking for anything and I stumbled upon four different items that I purchased for $30 plus tax. That's pretty darn good I would say. Pair of shoes, two purses and a top. Check them out.

First was these neon lime green patent leather cork wedges. Guess how much? Go ahead guess....
Did you guess??? Bet you will never have guessed I paid $2.00!!!! Yup. Regularly $34.00, I almost fell over when the saleslady told me the sale price. Found them at the accessory store in the mall called "Icing".  Special thanks to Jakub who is hands down the best person ever to bring shoe shopping.

In the same section of the store which was obviously the Clearance section I found this adorable crochet cross the shoulder purse in what I would call almost a mustard yellow color. I thought it would be perfect for Fall. P.s. I might be doing a DIY on how to embellish this!

Next up was some finds I got at Urban Outfitters. I was so excited and happy to find this gorgeous chocolate brown bag in the clearance section. Amazing price? You bet. Try $19.99 with an additional 30% off!! Total end price $13.97!

It really has beautiful gold details.

Lastly I found this sweater tank with a racer back at Urban for only $9.99... With you guessed it! An additional 30% off. Costing me only, $7.00!
Back view
Now that's what I call some shopping bargains! I was thinking maybe I should make this a weekly or twice a month type of blog post where I find deals for $30 and under? What do you think? Give me your feedback!!

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