Sunday, September 23, 2012


Miracle Canvas

 I just recently came across this amazing website called Miracle Canvas. Here you can create your own picture canvases for your home.  I thought this was such a great and creative idea to give your walls a touch of originality by each print being on a canvas instead of a picture behind glass.  I also think this is perfect if you are someone who likes more of a streamline and contemporary look to your art and even for a business or office environment, these pieces would be ideal touches of class.
 They have over 14 million pictures to choose from, and with the website’s configurator, you can specifically design how you want your picture to be printed whether on one or multiple canvases.
Their process to making these prints is that they print the picture onto the canvas, then lacquer it, dry it, and stretch it on a canvas stretcher using iron clamps to hold it down. The canvas itself is made of high-density cotton and they use eco-friendly ink to print with.  The sides of the canvas are also covered by the print and not left blank.  Process time to create each print is up to a week.
When creating your canvas you have different options to choose from like:  Size and shape of your picture, format of print being either landscape, portrait, panoramic, square, and either color or monochrome. The finish can also be glossy or matte varnish.
Here is a list of the different categories of pictures to choose from:
  • -          Nature
  • -          Architecture
  • -          Transport
  • -          Abstractions
  • -          Events
  • -          Cities
  • -          Children
  • -          Objects
  • -          Astronomy
  • -          Animals
  • -          Still Lifes
  • -          People
Best of all, you can use your own picture as long as it is high quality, no larger than 32 megabytes, and in  jpg, gif, png, tiff, or bmp forms.  Prices are extremely reasonable and comparable for canvas print art work.  Check out their website and start creating your own world of beautiful art in your home.

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