Monday, October 31, 2011


Shopping for Bargains at the "Alley" in Downtown Los Angeles

If you were to say the name "the alley" to those of us who live in L.A. we would know exactly what you are talking about. For those that Google the well known shopping spot in Downtown Los Angeles, you will find it is technically called "The Santee Alley".
Located between Santee Street, Maple Avenue, Olympic Boulevard and 12th Street in downtown Los Angeles, it all started back in the 70's when wholesalers started putting their overruns of t-shirts, trousers and other items out on Saturdays to sell.
It is a great place to find amazing deals on sunglasses, purses, clothing, and so much more.  If you have ever been to Canal St. in New York City, you will see the similarities between the two.
Parking can either be found at the numerous parking lots bordering the shopping district as well as metered parking on all the streets. Make sure you read the signs to avoid any unwanted tickets! 

Perfect for the upcoming holidays, I recommend it for great gift ideas and last minute finds. Here are just a few finds I came across on this trip there.
These great feather earrings for a dollar!

One of three Rosary Bracelets I got for a dollar each!

For a list of complete stores, directions, and more visit Santee Alley's official website here: Santee Alley

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