Monday, October 31, 2011

Product Review - Iphone 4s

iPhone 4S Review

Here is some more info and specs on the iPhone 4S:

~  It has a dual core A5 CPU, which is the same as the Ipad 2

~ Improved antenna design and an internal radio that allows the phone to perform both on GSM and CDMA networks

~There is the new IOS 5, which includes the iCloud feature which syncs all of your photos, videos, contacts, email and calendar to all of your devices. The only drawback is that only the first 5GB are free. After that you have to pay for anything more, which ranges from $20 a year, to a $100 a year. 
~ Then there is the genius voice activated "personal assistant" type feature of Siri.
Siri can schedule appointments, send texts, find places to eat, and a lot more. The possibilities are almost endless.

~It also now has a new messaging system called iMessage. Similar to the BBM, it is unique that it works between all the devices (Ipad, Itouch, Iphone).  The service is free and it works with both 3g and Wi-Fi connections. It not only sends texts, but also videos, photos, contacts, and locations. You can see when someone has read your message and when they are typing something back to you. 

~ The screen is 960x640 retina display, one of the crispest screen out there, and its brighter and whiter than the Iphone 4

~ The camera is 8 pixel sensor, with the ability to crop, rotate and has red eye reduction along with image stabilization. The video feature has the ability to capture 1080p video. 

~ The battery life is about an hour longer than the Iphone 4

Bottom line, even with the same exact exterior, the new features alone make it a worth while upgrade. 

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