Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY- High heel shoe repair

I'm completely guilty of neglecting the tips of all my high heeled shoes. I've let them wear down to the nails, sounding like a horse trotting on a cobblestone street. I've skidded across floors in the mall or restaurant nearly ending up on my ass from my heels being so slick. Those days are over! 
I wondered though, am I the only one who didn't think to replace the tips of my heels? Have others looked at the worn down rubber and said " ah I'll just get rid of these" when the shoes themselves are in almost a brand new like state? What a shame to get rid of your favorite shoes when they can be saved for such a small price. So many times I had made mental notes to bring them to the shoe repair, or order the replacement tips online but to no avail.

Walking through the mall last week it finally hit me when I passed a shoe repair store. "Here's my chance", I thought.  Walking out with $7.00 less in my pocket I felt so good. Now I could wear my favorite boots just in time for the cold weather. 
Now putting the new tips on is the easy part. It's the taking them off that can be a bit more of a challenge. See if you are like I was, and you let it wear all the way down to the nail, you need a good pair of pliers and some patience to get them out. 
Once that's done all it takes is lining up the new tips correctly and tapping them back into the hole of the heel with a hammer. Easy as pie! 

The tips come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Like I said I found mine at a shoe repair store, but you can find them easily on Ebay or Amazon for a great price. 

Watch my Youtube Tutorial here

Please don't be like me and wait too long to replace your heel's tips! Thanks for reading guys and make sure you leave me a comment!

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