Sunday, November 10, 2013

Candi Cleanse by Aster Elliott- Day One

I was so excited to be gifted Aster Elliott's relaunched "Candi Cleanse". Having already done two of her previous cleanses, my expectations were high knowing the quality of the products she puts out, and let me tell you so far I am definitely not disappointed!

The Candi Cleanse is a 3 day sugar detox cleanse, which is perfect since Halloween launched the season of tempting sugary sweets and goodies that taunt and tease you throughout the holidays.
I think it's also the perfect length cleanse for this time of year since we all know that we will give into that temptation and yet can quickly cleanse out our systems in a few days to get ready for the next Christmas party :)

I'm going to breakdown Day one for you, which was actually quite easy. I never once felt hungry or deprived, in fact I was amazed at how much I did get to eat. After the three days I'll be blogging again along with a Youtube review recapping how I felt etc.

Here's how Day One went down:

  • Before breakfast on an empty stomach, I took one of the three supplements that are supplied called "Delight".  This supplement helps heal your stomach where that sugar can really mess things up. It also helps curb those sugar cravings.

Breakfast started out with an apple and the breakfast shake. You use Vanilla Almond Milk and Almond butter, along with "Sweet" which is a gluten free, vegan protein powder. 


Let me tell you this is YUMMY! The powder is a Sacha Inchi protien base that has a slight vanilla flavor so when combined with the other two ingredients, you feel like you are almost drinking a chilled vanilla latte that actually fills you up!

  • After breakfast you have another supplement called "Charm".  This is a combination of nutrients that keep your feel good hormones going throughout the cleanse. Pretty genius since we know how cutting out those sweets and caffine can make us cranky 

  • For the mid-morning snack you get half of one of the "Dazzle" bars. Ok now this is where you feel like you are totally not on a cleanse. 

Closing your eyes you could imagine you were biting into a delicious almond chocolate candy bar. In reality you are actually indulging in a delicious chocolate almond energy bar that is dairy free, helps you curb your appetite, and has no fructose, gluten, or sucrose. Amazing! Devour that with a good amount of water and your Delight supplement as well as the supplement "Spice. Spice helps give you energy and reduce your stress. 

  • A few hours go by and you are ready for lunch. With the cleanse you get different menu options that include healthy protein, vegetable and fat choices to choose from.  I made myself a salad from the choices and believe me I was full after that!

  • Next is your mid-afternoon snack. I know! Can you believe how much you get to eat and we haven't even finished day one yet! This snack is a repeat of the mid morning snack where you finish the other half of your "Dazzle" bar and take more supplements.

  • Dinner is next, where you repeat a fruit choice along with your shake. By this hour, I wasn't even thinking about how I was going to get through two more days because I didn't even feel like I was actually doing a cleanse!

  • Lastly is your PM snack. You get a few small choices to choose from which was fine with me because I was definitely full for the day. 

So good night on Day one of the Candi Cleanse :) So far I'm loving it and feeling great. Shocker is I don't even miss my Coca Cola. (Ok maybe just a little :)
I'll back for Day Three, and make sure you watch my YouTube review when it comes out for a special surprise!  

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