Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY- Turn a Necklace into Headband

Back for my second week of "Do it Myself Mondays"...
I just love this idea and how you can switch one item back and forth for two different uses! 
I had looked through my jewelry collection for a necklace that would work for this project but couldn't find any. So off to the store I went in search of a good bargain. I came across this simple yet unique necklace at Kohls. I like how there is movement to the necklace instead of it just being flat. Just make sure that it is the right size for your head and you are good to go!

I found it on the clearance rack. 
Regularly $24 marked down to $4.80!

When looking for a necklace, one with this type of closure is best

Now all you need is a hair band and some pliers

Watch my Youtube tutorial on how to do it

This is how it's attached

Finished product

If you have tried this or are going to make sure and comment! 
Also check out my Youtube Channel for more DIY's

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