Sunday, May 26, 2013

Experiencing Dermalogica on Montana and the Microzone Treatment

Last week Becky and I took a trip down to Dermalogica in Santa Monica to experience a "Microzone Treatment". It was my first time to the Montana Ave location of their flagship store, and needless to say I was impressed :)

Walking in you immediately feel calm just from the pristine white decor and spa like aroma wafting through the shop. They have every Dermalogica product you could possibly want all right there on the shelves. The staff here is incredibly helpful and sweet. Erin the store manager gave us a little tour and background on the shop, and made us feel completely welcome and ready for our treatments.

This is the Microzone Treatment area. It was created out in the open for a reason, and as you walk by the shop on the outside you are almost drawn to go in and check out what the people in the chairs are having done to them. Here is Becky getting her Microzone Treatment from Sheba.

Now the Microzone treatments are designed for that time in between your regular facial appointments. They are 20 minutes and perfect if you are in a hurry and yet have some areas of your face that you want to address. Sheba sat us both down before she started the treatment and asked us what areas were of concern. For me I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin area, as well as some concerns about sun spots. Once she heard that. she went to work on those problem areas by cleansing, exfoliating, extracting and refreshing my skin till I felt like new! 
After the treatment, we went over to an area of the store that's called the "Skin bar" This is where Sheba went over each product individually that would be best for my skin type and also grouped it all together in what would be the perfect daily skin care regimen for me.

Here are all the products that she selected

If you live in the Los Angeles area I highly recommend going to the store on Montana for either a treatment, products or both! Make sure you ask for Sheba! She is a true professional and a sweetheart!

Here is a list of the different treatments they offer along with the prices:

Lastly I want to say a HUGE thank you to Nathalie for setting up our treatments, Erin for making us feel so welcome, and to Sheba for pampering us so well! 

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