Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day Seven- Aster Elliott DNA Detox Cleanse

After a week of doing this cleanse I have to say I am extremely pleased. I feel like it delivered all the things it said it would without paying the price of being tired and hungry all the time. In fact it was quite the opposite.I had more energy and was left feeling very full and satisfied after each meal and snack. 
Some of the benefits I have experienced are:

  • Skin is more radiant, clear , and smooth. Not just on the face either but on my whole body
  • Better mental clarity
  • Better sleep
  • Lost some weight (can tell by my clothes)
  • Felt lighter
  • Not bloated (stayed regular and felt comfortable)
  • Increased energy 

I definitely felt like the 7 days went by very quickly, and it really wasn't hard to follow or stay on it. The only withdrawal I had was from caffeine  I usually have a coke a day and so after the first and second day I started to get the typical caffeine withdrawal headache. 
Something really important to me is taste. If the products tasted bad there would be no way I could continue for a full week, so I was so glad to have tasty morning and evening shakes. Also something I want to point out is that there really is nothing out there on the market like the DNA Detox, so I was extremely happy to be able to try it.
This is the dinner shake made with the Glamour Greens and Divine, along with some mixed berries. You would be surprised how this fills you up!

This is the Golden Broth/Tea made mixed with lemon and Braggs. So tasty!

Final thought is I would definitely love to do a cleanse several times a year. After seeing and feeling the benefits it's hard to not want to continue to do them. If you haven't tried doing one yet, I highly recommend it!
Check out Aster Elliott's website for a complete list of ingredients and also her three other cleanse programs.

Watch my third part of my cleanse journey here:


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