Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY Decorative Potholder

I have another super easy DIY for you this week! Of course Pinterest ALWAYS inspires me but I like to take my own twist on things and make it my own. These potholders are not only easy but they might even be too pretty to cover up! The best thing is you can make just one or a whole set, give them as gifts or keep them for yourself :)
Check out the Youtube Tutorial here:

Here are all the items you will need.

Decorative Vase Fillers $4.99 w/ 40% off  & Felt square
from Michaels

I had some left over smaller vase fillers from previous projects that I used as well

E6000 Glue, Scissors, Pen, and a cover to a pot to trace with

Here is the finished product. Of course if you want them to be more stiff, just cut some cardboard in the same size as the felt and glue the felt onto the cardboard before adding the stones.

Looks so pretty under a teapot!

Also just under a candleholder

Let me know if you try this and make sure to post the pics on my facebook!!

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