Friday, April 20, 2012

Shampoo & Conditioner- My Current Haircare Routine

While I had my extensions in, I used baby shampoo on my hair since it was the least harsh of shampoos to use. Now that my hair is all me and I'm contemplating going lighter, I decided to try the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo.

 I don't dye my hair and haven't for probably over 5 years now so I'm completely 100% natural dirty blond. My ends are lighter due to going out in the sun, and my hair lightens up immediately when I let the rays hit them in any which way. 
It said it gradually lightens, so I thought what could it hurt?
I started noticing a difference probably within 2-3 shampoos. It's not a drastic change but definitely brings out my natural highlights and lightens them up a bit. It actually makes your hair feel really soft and manageable as well as smells amazing. 

Now as far as conditioners, I had a hard time finding a really good one that didn't leave the hair feeling dry and tangled. Typically I can tell right away from a conditioner the second I put it in my hair if it will be good or not. I came across the L'oreal EverSleek Conditioner and was in love.
Not only did it smell good, detangle my mess, but it left my hair smooth and shiny. Even better is that it contains no sulfates or heavy silicones. It contains Argan, Sunflower, and and Olive Oils, and maintains up to 48 hour frizz control. Even though I know a good thing when I try it, last week I ran out of the EverSleek, and decided to give the EverCreme Intense Nourishing Conditioner a go.
Since my hair is so damaged though from the extensions I thought I needed something with a little repair help.This one is more of a Sulfate free Moisture system, and still smells amazing (more cocoa butter smell). It leaves my hair feeling the same as the EverSleek, however I don't think it leaves my hair quite as shiny and smooth.  It's infused with Omega 3 & 6, contains no parabens, heavy waxes and for you Vegans out there is 100% all you :)
Here is my YouTube review.....

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