Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY Decorative Shower Curtain Rings

So since I moved into a new place of course that means redecorating! I picked chocolate brown and dark blue shades for my bathroom but I wasn't finding shower curtain rings that were to my liking. So one day at Walmart it hit me. I'll make my own :)

Here are the items I bought for this project:
Plastic Shower Curtain Rings from Walmart's Mainstays Brand - $1.16
10 yd spool of brown satin ribbon 1/4 inch from Michael's  $.33
Bead Gallery flat shell beads from Michael's $2.50 (bought 2)
Bead Landing 7mm flat rhinestones from Michael's - $2.99
Amazing Goop Craft Arte Glue from Michael's - $4.99
Check out my YouTube Tutorial on how to make these!

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