Sunday, May 24, 2015

New L'Oreal prodcuts I've been loving

Hey everyone! Long time no post. It seems like I get on a kick with my posts or videos and then life gets in the way. I guess that's part of not being a full time blogger and really only doing it for fun. With the three day weekend ( THANK GOD!) I decided that I could actually take the time and get back to doing what I love, which is writing. So what better place to start than a product review for you. Here are some products I've been trying out for the past few months and love.



First let's start off with foundation. Just like every woman I'm always on the quest for a better foundation. This one does not disappoint. It's a 24 hour wear formula that is also matte. Normally I wouldn't choose a foundation that has a matte finish with the fear of it looking too flat, however this is just the right amount of matte that keeps you oil free all day, and actually I believe that Loreal advertises it as a demi-matte finish.
Does it actually stay fresh for 24 hours? Since staying up for 24 hours straight let alone with makeup on isn't something I do regularly, I can't say I have tried and tested that claim.
I have however worn it for about 15-17 hours and I can say that it holds up extremely well.
For application I usually use a beauty blender which really allows for a smooth and even coverage. Since it is matte I rarely need to do any sort of touching up with powder throughout the day unless I had been in the sun or it was super hot out.
I started out wearing the shade #106 Sun Beige which was perfect for me, but then later also picked up #108  Caramel Beige when I wanted my face to actually match my tanned body. No one wants that pale face with tan body look!  You of course could also combine the two for a more customized shade.
I would say the only part for me that is harder to cover is my nose but this seems to be the case with any foundation. The feeling on my skin is very light and I barely feel like I'm wearing anything which is great especially for a foundation that I would consider to be medium to full coverage.
Now onto the finishing spray !


After wearing makeup for as long as I have in my lifetime I decided about 9 months ago to finally join the band wagon of using a finishing spray. I will be honest and say that when I would watch Youtubers use them I was like "huh?". I didn't understand what the hype was about. Finally one day while at my local Sephora I was standing in line and saw the travel size of Urban Decay's All nighter finishing spray. I thought what the heck I'll give it a go.  I had no idea what I had been missing! It gave my makeup just that finished complete look and I instantly became an avid user. Fast forward to my Urban Decay being used up and the decision of which one to try next. After seeing Tati (glamlifeguru) on Youtube do a review on the spray I literally went out the next day to my Target and picked one up. Hint: Target has the cheapest price for it!
L'Oreal's version I will say gives Urban Decay a complete run for their money. Literally, because it's a good $15 cheaper .  Main differences would be that Urban's is Vegan and about a half an ounce more in the bottle . I think that it also has a bit more of a fragrance to it as well which I can't really say is a good thing.
The only drawback to the Loreal spray is the packaging. The rubber like material on the outside tends to pick up every little foundation or powder ridden fingerprint. However if that's the only bad thing about it then I'll take it!
Lastly we have the mascara. The Voluminous Black Angel Miss Manga mascara in Extra black is the one that I picked up.
Again this is an item that you can forever be on the hunt for to attain perfect long lashes. I had been trying out sample sizes of Benefit and Stila, when again I came across a Youtube review on this baby. My lashes aren't the longest or thickest so of course I want something for both. This mascara I can say really does work well for that doll eyed look.
 The 360 flexible brush really allows for good application to both the top and bottom lashes and I love that the brush is pointed because it makes it easier to get into the corners of your eye without messing up your whole eye makeup if you happen to not be so steady with your hand that day.

I'm not one to apply multiple coats and I would say if you are this might get a little too clumpy for you. It definitely adds thickness to your lashes and I typically tend to curl my lashes before and after applying for the full effect.  Finally a real deal breaker for me with mascara is how easily it can be removed. I've had ones that I can literally almost not remove completely with both eye makeup remover and facial cleanser. That irks me to no end! Luckily this one passed that test and comes off like a breeze. That's not to say however that it doesn't stay put.
So that's it for this review. If you have tried any of these products leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.
I'll try not to be a stranger so check back soon and have a great week!

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