Sunday, June 29, 2014

I've been MIA and also I hit 5000 SUBS!

Hey everyone! So yes I know I've been totally MIA the past month or two and I apologize! I'm not gonna lie, lately it has been hard for me to get my inspiration going and to get motivated to make videos. But it's not because I don't want to. 
Over the two and a half something years now I've been on Youtube I've steadily seen my subscribers and views go up. However something I have mentioned before multiple times in videos is I have almost ZERO interaction with anyone. I'm not sure why, I mean I do get comments on my videos. But my Facebook is completely dead as well as my Twitter and Instagram. I was down in the dumps for a bit about it all but then I realized why I started making videos in the first place. Because I love to be creative and I truly enjoy just the whole process! So I'm just going to stay focused on that while secretly hoping that I will get more interaction from people. It's not because I want the attention or views etc, I just would love to have more feedback and input. I mean that's part of why Youtubers put themselves out there for literally the world to see. Because we wanna hear from you!

Anyway guys I thought it was time that I be straight up and tell you why my videos have been lacking. 
On a side note I have been finding difficulty getting inspiration for DIY's because I want to give something original and fun. Once again I just need to concentrate on who I am and bring that to the table. I'm not gonna care if my idea has been done a million times before etc etc.
In the interim I will continue to do product reviews and such because I am trying out new things! 

Last but not least I want to say a HUGE HUGE thank you to all of my subscribers. I hit 5000 about a week and a half ago and I'm through the moon. Thank you so so so so much!!!
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Write me something I wanna hear from you :)

Much love,

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