Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Beauty Finds

For Christmas one of my best friends gave me a gift card to MAC. Now don't get me wrong I love a lot of MAC's products, however I rarely find myself going and purchasing things there simply because I tend to be on the cheap side when it comes to makeup. So this gift card gave me a perfect excuse to go and check out what was new.  When I do actually venture into the store I usually go right for the new displays. This time was no different when I saw the Niki Minaj & Ricky Martin (I know right?!?) display on the counter. I decided to give the lipstick a try since it was in a shade of pink I've never had before. Needless to say I loved it so much I got the matching lip liner and Lip Glass to go with it. This shade is really perfect especially if you have a bit of a bronzed skin or tan. I can't say it would look that great on really pale skin.

 Here are the swatches from all three
The lipstick is Viva Glam "Niki" that's a satin, the Lip Glass is Viva Glam "Niki", and the liner is the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in "In Anticipation".

The last thing I picked up was quite a surprise purchase. I guess I never really thought about getting perfume at MAC, but when I saw this and smelled it I was in love. I've been wearing Calvin Klein Euphoria for a few years now, but I can honestly say this a perfect light, fresh day time scent that I will be wearing quite often!

 MAC Turquatic Perfume

So yay for MAC! I look forward to the next occasion :)

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