Monday, December 10, 2012

My new kitten!

~My sweet little kitten~

So for months now I have been on the hunt for a kitten. I was back and forth for so long if I wanted one that was super young or one that was a little older. I started out visiting all the local Petco and Petsmart stores on the weekends for their kitten adoptions. Some told me I couldn't adopt a kitten under 6 months without adopting another kitten as well, and some just wanted ridiculous amounts of money for the adoption fee.Another factor was in some ways I felt like I was buying a car, like what color cat I wanted etc. My mind was somewhat set on either an all white or all grey kitten and also I
wanted a male kitten. After weeks of visiting kittens and exhausting the internet I started thinking how many poor little souls were at the shelters just lonely and cold in their cages. I somewhat put off going to a shelter because I remember the last time I was there I felt so bad for all the animals that it was just plain sad. Well on Saturday I decided I would take a step towards making the move and I went to Target and Petco to get all of the stuff I needed for a new kitty. Yesterday I decided I would go to the local shelter to check out the kittens. When I walked into the room with all the cages my heart dropped a little. So many of the cats who were older were just meowing and craving for attention. I spent about 20 min going through all the cages and started to think I wasn't going to find the right one. That's when I approached the last cage and this little guy stuck out both paws and started to meow and purr at me. I noticed it said he was 5 months old, which was little older than what I wanted and he certainly was the opposite of white!

One of the workers came up to talk to me and asked if I wanted to hold him. When she pulled up out of his cage and handed him to me hes paws extended like he was reaching for me. Once in my arms he just purred and purred and then looked up at me with his sweet face and put his paw on my nose. That was the deal sealer. The worker told me that they were having a special on black cats this month because people simply don't want black cats. She also told me this little guy had been there for over a month. I decided to think about it for a hour or two but in my heart I already knew he had captured me.
After getting him home he quickly became comfortable and I discovered that he actually loves water. Loves it so much that when I filled the tub up with a little water he actually got in himself!

Here you can see his love of water lol

 Apparently he also likes to chew on hair which I just discovered when he was climbing all around me lol.
 He's a total kitten! Sleeps every few hours :)
His name at the shelter was Rupert which simply doesn't fit this guy. If you have any suggestions let me know!!

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