Monday, July 16, 2012

More Car Updates

Here are some more updates on my car! We purchased these leather seats for the front and back at a pick a parts place. All they needed was a good cleaning and leather conditioning and they are ready to go!

New door panels from the pick a parts place

The old headliner was coming down so we went to Jo Ann's Fabrics and bought this faux leather upholstery to have it custom made.

Some new taillights from Ebay

Then came the intense cleaning and vacuuming... The results are amazing.. Looks like a brand new car!

Notice the center armrest... We covered that in the same material as the headliner

Then finally it was time to wash this black beauty

Only a few things left to do such as put in new headlights and tint the windows, and maybe a new Bluetooth stereo. 
Oh,and I will be adding a few more custom touches I will show you in the next week or so.

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  1. Once its restoration is completed, this black Beetle will definitely shine above other vintage and modern Beetles. The great look of its interior, taillights, and door panels would make everyone interested to drive that so-called people’s car. Moreover, you can keep it cool if you upgrade its stereo.