Monday, March 5, 2012

Easy DIY Chain Strap for Clutch Purse

About two months ago I bought this clutch at T.J. Maxx on clearance for $10. It was missing the strap and so I thought I would just use it as a clutch. I ended up using it once and the other day I noticed it in my closet and thought, "that is so cute I wish it had a strap to it so I could use it more often". So then I realized well why don't I just make a strap for it? 
So I went to Michael's Arts & Crafts and picked up a silver chain big enough to hold a purse. I had some hooks and small circle rings already so I used those as well. 

Using some pliers I simply attached the ends of the chain to the rings and then added the hooks, and there you have it. 

A versatile look for a clutch. I wanted to share this simple idea to encourage you to go and find things in your closets that you might not be using to their full potential and change them up a bit for a different look or use. 
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Here is the video tutorial...

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