Monday, January 27, 2014

Hair Secrets Extensions Review


After having my last set of extensions for over 2 years it was finally time to buckle down and get a new pair. My last set had been amazing to me, but after extensive wear and trims, it had worked its way up to be quite shorter than what they started out.
After doing a lot of research on different blogs and Youtube reviews I settled on the brand Hair Secrets Extensions.
They have two different sets one for Ultimate Volume and then one for Fine hair which is the one I chose.


The first thing that attracted me was their color selection because it's amazing! With 30 shades, they have the most shades of blonde that I've ever seen. I think I counted at least 12.  They have excellent customer service and if you have a question about which shade to choose, simply email them a picture of your current hair and they can help you match it. 
The shade I chose is "Just like a star"

The quality was the next thing that appealed to me. Their extensions are the same thickness from root to tip. So for those who think it's all about the weight in grams, make sure you check out the thickness because that's where it really counts. You don't want those whispy ends :)

The clips are extremely comfortable and the lace lining helps to prevent shedding. I've already washed them once and I can say that any hair coming out is at a minimum.

They have silicone strips which ensure to keep them in place and from slipping out.

For me the five pieces that come in the set is the perfect amount for my head. I really can't fit more than that without it feeling uncomfortable. They come in 20 inches.

They come with this cute organza storage bag which keeps them nice and tangle free!

I brought them to my stylist and she cut them into my own hair. They match and blend so perfectly and the quality seriously is beyond. So smooth and silky!

Check out their website here:

I can't say enough great things about them. Make sure you comment if you have tried them or are planning on it!

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