Thursday, June 20, 2013

Raw Food Diet- Wild Kitty Cat Food & What I feed my cat

I just posted a video on my second channel "Discovering Amy", that's all about what I feed my little guy Diesel. 

After researching what is the best diet for a cat, I came across feeding your cat raw food. By nature cats are carnivores and really don't have the ability to process glucose in their systems like we do. So therefore all of those cat foods out there on the shelves with rice and grains etc, are actually doing more harm than good. That's because they contain anywhere from 40%-60% carbs. It wouldn't surprise me if this is part of the reason why cats are more and more being diagnosed with diabetes and cancer.
There are several great videos on Youtube for recipes, but I also came across a company called Wild Kitty Cat Food. They make it super easy with their food kits. All you need to do is buy your meat of choice and add it to their mix. 

Here is what it looks like all mixed up with some ground turkey

Diesel loves this stuff. As you can see he's quite anxious to taste it

He gobbles it up like it's going out of style

Check out Wild Kitty's website here:

They offer a variety of different size mixes and they are very reasonably priced and the price includes the shipping & handling. When it comes to my pet I'm not going to feed him crap just to save some $$!! 
Another great perk is they offer a trial size for free to try out for only $1.99 shipping & handling. It's a great way to test out how your cat will react to raw food. Although I do recommend slowly adding small amounts to their regular dry food. If they are anything like my little guy, they will end up spitting out the dry food. 

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