Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hot Pink Lipstick Comparison/Review

I'm not a huge fan of red lipstick, so I decided I wanted to go on a hunt for the best hot pink shades out there. While exhausting quite a few places, the only higher end lipsticks I found were at Sephora and were sold out. These were Kat Von D's "Backstage Bambi" shade and Nars "Schiap". Heading over to the drugstore I found these two.

Wet n Wild 521A

Milani "Rose Hip"

While looking on Ebay I decided to see the various NYX shades they had. Not only was I surprised to find out that they have different types of lipsticks (Matte, Satin, Black Label, Shimmering Diamond) but I was pleased to find some nice hot pink shades. Since I have had really good luck with Ebay, I didn't have any hesitation in ordering these two.

NYX Matte "Shocking Pink"

NYX Black Label "Hot Pink"

In conclusion my favorites are the NYX Matte and Milani "Rose Hip". I feel like they give me that true hot pink shade and good coverage and pigment to the lipstick. 
Here is the link to the store I bought the NYX off of on Ebay:
If you have any suggestions or ones you like leave me some comments!
Youtube review here: 

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