Monday, December 5, 2011


Do-It-Yourself Easy No-Sew Pillows

Do you find yourself trying to think of ways to brighten up or change your rooms? Maybe you don't have the budget to go out and get a new couch or comforter, so why not start with some little details such as decorative pillows?
This is possibly the most simple do-it-yourself project around. All it requires is three simple items:
1) A pillow, any size or shape that you might have on your couch or bed already
2) Fabric (anything that isn't too slippery or thin, or super thick. The fabric I use for this one is a Dupioni Silk.
3) A brooch or large decorative pin

Now once you have all those items, watch this simple tutorial to see how it's done. It's so easy yet looks like it took so much to make. People will definitely be impressed by your skills!
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